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Station 13 @ Citymall

Monica Monday, April 11, 2011 , , , ,

Do you know where to get a good plate of Ngiu Chap (Mixed Beef  Noodle) as well as Wantan Noodle? The answer is Station 13. Well, it might not be the best in town but the HK Style Ngiu Chap and Wantan Noodle serves in Station 13 do has its own unique flavour which keep people coming back for more.

Station 13 @ City Mall
Location: Ground Floor, Next to The Hut
Soft Drink RM2.00 X 2
HK Ngiu Chap RM8.90
Generously given ingredients which included beef, beef tendons and beef intestines, not only look good but tasted good too. The beef was moist and tender while the beef tendons was soft with a jelly-like texture but fragrant with spices and the beef intestines consisted of springy but easily bite-through texture. The aromatic gravy mixed with the noodle and its sauce, created a delicious plate of Ngiu Chap.
Double Treasure RM7.90
Consisted of Wantan and Shui Gao, both the huge dumpling which used fresh minced pork and prawns tasted deliciously good on its own. Eaten with Kolo Mee, it is truly a satisfying meal that can keep me full for long hours.

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