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Kedai Kopi Dat Seng @ Inanam

Monica Saturday, April 23, 2011 , , , ,

Apart from Fish Noodle, you can also find Chinese Wine Mee Suah at Kedai Kopi Dat Seng.

Kedai Kopi Dat Seng
Location: same row of shop with 7Eleven
Chinese Wine Mee Suah RM5.00
Hardly find in KK, the broth of the noodle was cooked with Chinese rice wine, chicken and mushroom. Served with Mee Suah with a smooth and soft texture, the noodle can absorb the broth really well during the consumption.
Fish Head Noodle with Prawn RM8.50
Needless to say, the Fish Head Noodle is one of our favourite dish in Dat Seng. With additional prawns, the broth tasted extra flavourful.
Tom Yam Fish Noodle RM7.00
The Tom Yam Fish Noodle at Dat Seng is one of the recommended dish. Enriched with spices, the sourish-spicy soup was delicious. You can opt for fried fish, fresh fish or prawns to go with the Tom Yam Noodle. We personally preferred the fried fish which is more fragrant.
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