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HO HO BENTO, Vertigo Bistro & Megalong Cineplex @ MEGALONG, DONGGONGAN

Angeline Monday, April 25, 2011 , , , , ,

Over the long weekend we had the pleasure of being invited to Megalong shopping mall to do a food review. This is rather new outlet that not many of town folks know about yet. It is located near the entrance on the opposite of public bank side. Ho Ho Bento is a creative mix between Japanese meets western food set in a fast food chain style, with colorful and simplistic decor to create a friendly dining experience.

Ho Ho Bento
Lot 26, 27 & 28, Ground Floor,
Megalong Shopping Mall
89500 Donggongon
Tel: 088-486609
Average price: RM11.90
Serving : Japanese and Local Delight
Recommended Dish: Beef Teriyaki Bento (RM12.90), Chicken Teriyaki Bento (RM10.90), Tempura Fish Bento (RM12.90), Japanese Curry Chicken Bento (RM9.90), Fried Salmon Bento (RM15.90), Ebi Furai Bento (RM14.90), Sarawak Sambal Mee (RM5.90), X.O. Udon (RM11.90), Fried Chicken (RM3.30/piece)
You have a choice of deepfried tempura (prawn, cod fish) as well as beef and chicken teriyaki for bento, Sashimi, sushi roll, as well as western style deep fried chicken in Normal and Spicy style. Also, the outlet serves japanese fused with Sarawak sambal fried noodles and Udon.
The reason for such wide spread of selection is to cater a wider target market, taking into consideration the local love for anything that involves deep fried chicken (think KFC's success in KK).

According to our friendly steward for the evening, Mr. Paul, Ho Ho Bento originated from Miri with the neighbouring state's outlet being just about 4 months older than the one here. This creative diner is the brainchild of 3 enterprising young individual hailing from Sarawak.

Their food packs a punch in the taste department with their spicy chicken curry bento as well as their Sawarak sambal fried noodle. 

Even their fried chicken is juicy and comparable to a certain new fried chicken outlet, if not better. Whereby even at crispy texture, they are still able to maintain moister in the meat to prevent the chicken from being dry.

Chicken Teriyaki Bento (RM10.90)

Ebi Furai Bento (RM14.90)

Beef Teriyaki Bento (RM12.90),

Sarawak Sambal Mee (RM5.90)

Udon, RM11.90

Fried Shisamo, RM9.90

Chuka Kurage, RM4.50

Fried Salmon Bento (RM15.90)

Fried Chicken (5 pieces), RM14.50
Overall it can be a pleasant dining experience, certainly worth the travel to Mega Long. If you live nearby than its definitely a spot that you can choose to frequent with family and friends. 
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Vertigo Bistro and Tapas
Our friendly steward, Mr. Paul was even very kind to bring us a tour around Mega Long. The team, while being either locals or long time residents of this fine land, admittedly coyly to have visited Mega Long less frequently than the appearance of the blue moon. Therefore, jumped at the opportunity to have a walkabout at mega long.

One particular unit that attracted us (and probably anyone who turns around the corner after the traffic light) is the luminous red light that sits atop the hairpin tip of mega long. The pub, namely Vertigo- so called because of the ceiling to floor window that will induce such sensation, is a rather coold and hip place for the young and young at heart to hang out.

This beacon of light (literally) should have attracted any party animal to this watering hole, but even at  a Saturday night such as this, the place is surprisingly quiet. Perhaps a publicity is in order, hence the post on this humble site. 

A view from top.....
Show will be on...with a minimum of 4 tickets sold/ don't forget to come with a group of friends


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