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Bijan Bar & Restaurant @ Bukit Ceylon

Angeline Thursday, April 21, 2011 , , , ,

We were honoured to be invited to feast on a scrumptious meal at Bijan restaurant by their friendly, multi-lingual manager, Encik Azaiman. Bijan is our is a home-grown, multi award-winning restaurant, serving malay cuisine which are fine-tuned to the taste of the general masses.

Bijan Bar and Restaurant
3 Jalan Ceylon, Bukit Ceylon
Wilayah Persekutuan, 50200
Tel: 03-2031-3575
Bijan (bee-jahn) defined as sesame in Malay is a modern restaurant that specialises in fine Malay cuisine. Bijan opened its doors in September 2003 to offer a unique dining experience to discerning palates. They are experience is modern in presentation yet wholesome in flavour. Traditional Malay cuisine is taken out of hawker stalls and buffet lines, and served against a lush backdrop. Modern in its surroundings with distinctive Asian accents, Bijan is warm, yet chic; intimate yet spacious.

At Bijan restaurant, they are innovating ways of enjoying Malay food, introducing accompanying wine to enhance flavours and ways of preparing local delicacies in a fine balance of old and new. Our dishes are a mix of recipes handed down over the generations and innovations of the real thing, to produce forgotten favourites and delicious new flavours and textures. Located a mere stone throw’s away from KLCC and Bukit Bintang, Bijan is the ultimate destination for fine Malay cuisine. It is an oasis where you can unwind with a cool glass of wine while the food remains deliciously and unmistakably Malay. Enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the terrace while sampling our delicate canapés. On weekdays try our Nasi Hidang, an innovative concept that allows diners to sample a wide variety of dishes on a small budget over lunch.

Bijan restaurant won Best Malay Restaurant in 2004, just a year after we opened. Bijan, also can be found in Malaysia Tatler’s Top 100 Restaurants, The Lonely Planet Guide to Malaysia, The Miele Guide to just name a few. Apart from receiving many positive reviews from local newspapers and magazines, they have also appeared in foreign publications such as Conde Nast Traveler US, Food And Travel UK and Wallpaper UK. Bijan can also be found in Lonely Planet Malaysia and dining guide books such as Tatler and FMBK. Bijan restaurant was also shortlisted in the Top 10 Best Asean Restaurant in the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) 2007-08 and Chef Zul was in Top 5 for Best Malay Cuisine Chef. Bijan has also appeared on Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan, NTV7, 8TV, Planet Food: Malaysia.

Events At Bijan, pride themselves on excellent and personalized service. Buffet dinners, special dietary needs, degustation menus, no request is too big for our team. Corporate Business lunches can be arranged in our private dining area. They have a comprehensive selection of fine wines that have been carefully selected to compliment Malay dishes. With a seating capacity of around 150, Bijan is the perfect location for an event in the Golden Triangle without deviating too far from the office.

Product Launches, Bijan know your time is precious that is why they are flexible with yours. They have arranged many brunch and high tea parties for those occasions when neither lunch nor dinner is possible. Or let them serve you their signature cocktails and canapés while you and your guests mingle at sundown.

Private Cooking Lessons, they have cooking demonstrations for people who simply enjoy watching and more “hands-on” lesson for those who wish to learn the basics of Malay cooking. For the more adventurous, join Head Chef Zulkifli bin Razali on a tour to the Chow Kit markets on Saturdays to soak in the colours, smells and variety of fresh produce used in everyday Malay cooking. Participants will also get to enjoy the result of their hardwork. (Subject to availability and minimum of 4 participants)

Weddings, The small size of the restaurant provides an intimate setting for weddings. Our team is on hand to help arrange florist, champagne and door gifts or any other service which you may need to complete your special day as part of our service to you. Read some of Bijan testimonials.

For a full list of services or any other enquiries, please contact our sales and marketing team at:
Tel: +603 20316568
Fax: +603 20316572
Mr. Azaiiman Jeffri from Marketing Department for Bijan, La Risata and The Daily Grinds with Angeline, Monica and Jack from Everyday Food I Love dot com
Aneka Pembuka Selera, RM30.00
(Hence the name fine malay cuisine) We started the evening's dinner with aneka pembuka selera, or loosely translated means a variety of entree which consists of deep fried shrimp pastry, spring roll, chicken wings and stuffed bean curd. The entree comes with a lightly spiced-sour sauce mixed with bijan (a playful used of their namesake which also means sesame seed.) The entree was simple comfort food for the Malays presented in a very tentalising manner to ignite one's appetite.

Daging Bungkus, RM10.00 per piece
Next up, we had Daging Bungkus kukus which consist of minced meat and vegetables wrapped within a layer of pancake and coconut gravy. I must admit that this is a smart combination of sweet pastry with a savoury meat. Also the vege consists of a mix local herbs namely, daun selasih, daun kaduk and tenggek burung. Each of these herbs release nice aroma to complement the meat.
Rusuk Panggang, RM60.00
Next we had rusuk panggang, which is basically barbequed ribs. For those who love their ribs grilled to perfection then this is definitely the dish to order. This traditionally very western dish is served with a hint of local touch, served with pegedil (a.k.a begedel or begedil to some, which is mashed potato mixed with meat wrapped in egg white) as well as sweet soy sauce and sambal belacan for your dipping sauce. The taste is awesome as it is marinated for long periods and the meat just falls off easily from the bone, therefore also easy to chew and feels tender in your mouth.


Lemak Ayam dan Nangka, RM23.00
We were also served with masak lemak ayam and nangka, which is chicken and jack fruit served in rich creamy coconut gravy. It is so rich and creamy that it will go well with rice- heaps of them :-)

Masak Lemak Udang Tempoyak, RM45.00
Another equally rich and even more creamy dish is Masak lemak udang tempoyak, which is prawns stir-fried in a creamy fermented durian sauce with curry lean and onions. This is like any malay gravy dish but packed with an added special hint of sweetness from the durian fruit. However, the smell from the durian is controlled as not to be too overwhelming.

Stir-fried Wild Fern, RM15.00
Next, we were also served with wild fern stir-fried with chilli, caramalized coconut and shrimp. This is a tasty vegetable dish and is a rather spicy one as well. Very tasty and traditional.

Chocolate Durian Cake, Rm15.00
This award winning restaurant is also known for their dessert. One of the famous ones (where it is prepared only once in 2 days) is Chocolate durian cake. Made from fresh and creamy durian sandwiched in between layers of chocolate cake and finally coated with a layer of premium chocolate ganache as finishing, the cake tasted heavenly good. The creaminess and delicious taste of the cake will just keep you speechless till the last bite.
Gula Melaka Cake, RM15.00
Soft and spongy cake topped with Gula Melaka and served with coconut ice cream. Aromatic yet not too sweet. The chef done it really well with this authentic Malay's dessert.
Durian Cheese Cake, RM15.00
Incredibly rich and creamy with both cream cheese and fresh durian, having the Durian Cheese Cake is just as good as eating the real durian. The cake was awesome. You can even taste some chunky durian flesh while consuming the cake.
Special Thanks to Bijan and Mr. Azaiiman for the sumptuous meal! tired after whole day shooting in Melaka, now second round - food review, have to stay alert.....alert...look pretty :)
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