Kin No Mizu Japanese Dining @ Jalan Tun Razak

Kin No Mizu

Japanese food has become such a permanent part in my life that my body automatically craves for it at least once a week. It is comforting to know that many share the same sentiments, and we could all rejoice in unison whenever a new Japanese restaurant comes to town. Kin No Mizu at The Intermark happens to be one of the latest additions to the family, serving authentic Japanese food in a fine dining environment. Set in a contemporary environment with a mini river and waterfall running around the tables, this restaurant boasts of elegance as well as tranquility.

Kin No Mizu
Kin No Mizu Japanese Dining
Lot 211, Level 2, The Intermark,
182, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603-2166 2888
GPS Coordinates: 3.161698,101.719678
Parking: RM5 flat rate after office hours
Kin No Mizu
Kin No Mizu
Tofu Salad (RM18)
Starting our dinner that night was the Tofu Salad which came with a side of 3 different dressings – wafu, kimuchi and plum. While the salad was plain, I enjoyed the mixture of kimuchi and wafu dressing on it, together with slices of century egg that made it more appetizing.
Kin No Mizu
Sukiyaki Croquette (RM12)
If greens are not the thing for you, perhaps something more sinful like the Sukiyaki Croquette might work. Four pieces of deep fried, golden nuggets filled with savoury mashed potatoes, peas and minced beef marinated to perfection. Eat this once it’s served to get the inevitable crunch from the breaded skin.
Kin No Mizu
Seafood Kimchi Nabe (RM38)
Seafood Kimchi Nabe was a claypot of kimchi soup filled with generous ingredients such as prawns, scallops, salmon, carrots, mushroom and glass noodles. Served piping hot, this was slightly spicy and sweet, evidently from the seafood used in it. The clear soup was light but addictive, and it had me downing one bowl after another. Slurp!
Kin No Mizu
Assorted Tempura (RM36)
The Assorted Tempura was a platter of deep fried prawns, fish and vegetables, freshly fried to a golden hue. I liked that the deep fried items were not drenched in oil, and they all had the nice crinkly bits of flour at the edges that gave them a nice crunch.
Kin No Mizu
Chicken Teppanyaki (RM25)
For mains, we tried the Chicken Teppanyaki, which in its own seemed to be a very common dish but in the hands of the chef, was transformed into a plate of irresistibly aromatic and delicious chicken pieces oozing with flavour. I was impressed! Truth be told, I did not have high expectations when it came to chicken dishes but this was rather outstanding, and even more so when eaten with the crispy garlic that came at the side. A match made in heaven, that’s what it was.
Kin No Mizu
Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki (RM25)
The Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki was no less impressive. The piece of fish was nicely grilled with a slightly crispy skin, while the sweet teriyaki sauce managed to bring out the best of the salmon. Each bite was smooth and juicy, and when coupled with the teriyaki sauce, became a potent combination
Kin No Mizu
Garlic Fried Rice (RM10) / Foie Gras Fried Rice (RM32)
Each of the Chicken Teppanyaki and Grilled Salmon came with a bowl of white rice. If you’re anything like me, a fried rice junkie, you’d opt for the Garlic Fried rice instead with an additional RM10 premium. Trust me, it will be a choice that you won’t regret. The rice was fragrant, fluffy and flavourful without being overly oily. Couple that with some fried garlic, and you’ll find yourself scooping the rice away just on its own. It’s that good.
Kin No Mizu
Mizu Roll Sushi with Original Recipe (RM36)
Since we were there in a big group, we also ordered some other dishes to be shared, such as the Mizu Roll Sushi with Original Recipe. I wouldn’t know what the original recipe was, but what I do know was that the roll was nicely packed with a whole tempura prawn, unagi, and some avocado slices on top, making it a nicely balanced meal on its own.
Kin No Mizu
Green Tea Ice-cream (RM8)
Last but not least, to end the meal on a sweet note, we had the Green Tea Ice-Cream served with red bean paste on top. The ice-cream was smooth without the hint of coarsely shaved ice, and did not melt easily. A choice of Black Sesame ice-cream was also available at the same price.

Deemed as a Japanese fine dining place, Kin No Mizu proves to be more than that. It serves delicious Japanese food without being pretentious, and is more pocket-friendly comparing to other similar establishments. I definitely would not mind returning.

Good news! If you think dining at Kin No Mizu would break a hole in your pocket, then consider this Hahah deal that gives you more than 50% discount! Available from now til 26th of June 2011, includes:
1 X Choice of Sukiyaki Croquette or Tofu Salad
1 X Choice of Salmon or Chicken Teppanyaki
1 X Choice of Spicy Seafood Hot Pot with Kimchi and Glass Noodles or Assorted Tempura
2 X Rice + Miso Soup
2 X Japanese Green Tea
Hahah Rewards Multiplier: FREE a fruit platter worth RM18
DiGi Rewards: 2 FREE scoops of green tea or black sesame ice cream worth RM16
Kin No Mizu


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