Kadazan Wedding @ Kota Marudu

During the Kadazan wedding, the newly wedded couple were seated in the centre of the house, with both dressed in Kadazan attire.

The Wedding ceremony of Jack and Monica, begin with the couple arriving at the groom house. Followed by gun shot sound.
Then, they were welcome by the joyous Sumazau beats with the sound of ancient gongs.

Flower girl
The bride and the groom marching in

The bride and the groom were seated at the center of the house accompany by the Flower girl and Flower Boy.

A band was hired from 9am to 9pm

Everybody are welcome to join the wedding feast
Accompanied entirely by a symphony of handcrafted bronze or brass gongs that are individually called 'tagung', a unique musical instrument, the dance performance by Kota Marudu's dancers begin.
The Kadazan have a musical heritage consisting of various types of tagung ensembles - ensembles composed of large hanging knobbed gongs like those above.

The great ceremony was followed by another traditional dance performance by the award winning group.
The Sumazau, a traditional dance of the Kadazan, looks easy but is very hard on the heels and calves for the novice. The dancers are practically tip-toeing for the entire dance. Ceremonial sashes are worn by both male and female dancers. The movement and rhythm of this dance is elegantly soft and slow. The dancers face each other, move their feet in small movements and move their heels up and down to the beat of the music. While dancing, the dancers will spread their hands and move it up and down just like a bird spreading their wings to fly. The Sumazau is usually performed during festive occasions like this.

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