Fathers Day All American BBQ Feast @ Bella Italia Restaurant


American barbeque are so cool, particularly if it involves ribs-  nice tender juicy ribs that will make a grown man cry if being deprived of. Top it off with father's day weekend, that make one very happy daddy.

Bella Italia Restaurant @ Jesselton Hotel
69, Jalan Gaya
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 088-313 366

Bella has been very lively lately, and this new ambiance creates a nice atmosphere for friends and family to catch up, while enjoying a nice scrumptious meal prepared by top-of-his-game chef.  Once in a while you even get to enjoy a nice musical ensemble playing jazz.
Fathers Day All American BBQ Feast, RM50++ per person
This time around, we took up on Bella's promotion of American BBQ Feast, which consists of so many nice things which you will see later on by scrolling down.
Live Music
Good Food
All American BBQ Feast
These ribs were to die for, where the meat is so tender and tasty. Manners are not required and so are cutleries. All you need are your hands, and a bib to keep your decency. The sauce is very American, slightly sweet and sour and a touch a spice. The cheese sauce really makes this dish over the top.
Grilled Chicken, Blackened Fish and Corn
As if the ribs were not enough, here you are served with mixed grill of chickem and fish and a side dish of corn. 

Roasted Potato, Onion Rings, Chili Poppers and Homemade Sausages

Here are some the various deep fried finger food, crunchy and very tasty, the sausage is special and you can't find it anywhere but here at Bella
Delicious Chili Popper stuffed with cheese
Look at the size of these chilly, coated in bread crumbs and stuffed with cheese. These mexican inspired American dish is rare in KK, so we in a way, Bella has really gone out of its way to expose us to all these exotic dish.
We like this.....
Baked Beans
Which is Bella's version of Chili corn carne, a spicy stew of beans and meat bits, also a traditional American favourite dish. Very nice and tasty and the barbequed meat bits give the whole stew a very nice and smoky taste.
Corn Bread

These corn bread goes well with all the meat that's lying around. The coleslaw is also very nice and tasty.
Potato and Cheddar Soup
The soup was so rich and tasty, these are so filling that it could even be a meal on its own
Grilled Beef Ribs
Smoked Beef Brisket
With all the ribs lying around then it is apt to have brisket on your dinner table. The meat is also tender and floating around in nice gravy sauce.
Dessert: Apple Pie top with Gardenia Ice Cream

Lastly no american dinner is complete without pie and ice cream. So Bella combined two of these nice dessert into one. The pie is also very home made, with cooked apple on the bottom layered with cookie crumbs, topped with ice cream and some more warm cooked apple. What's nice is that some of the skin is left on, so this adds on to the authenticity of the home made American dinner. 
Drinks: Homemade Lemonade (refillable)
Little Angel in the house

Aww...isnt she lovely

Crooners entertaining diners


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