Toscani's Italian and Spanish Fusion @ Waterfront

Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 26/03/2010
Paul, Shirley, Angeline and I had planned to have dinner at Kohinoor tonight. However, our plan doesn't goes well as Kohinoor was full house. Left with no choice, as we were quite hungry, we headed to Toscani. Although the food at Toscani was not bad, portion wise it was quite small and quite pricey. (Thanks to Paul and Shirley for a nice dinner)
Caesar Salad, RM15.80
Recommended by the lady's owner, the Caesar Salad is also one of their signature dish. The taste was very light, not too oily and quite refreshing.
Spaghetti Aglio Olio Seafood, RM18.90
Since we don't really like cream sauce pasta, Spaghetti Aglio Olio Seafood was recommended. It was good. The pasta was al-dente and the taste was just right. The seafood was fresh too.
Mixed Tapas, RM25.90
The Mixed Tapas is also one of the highly recommended dish. It was good. It had a strong herbs flavour. The diced tomatoes was flavourful too.
Chicken Lagsana, RM19.90
Paul and Shirley doesn't take beef, so, we ordered a Chicken Lagsana. It was nice at the first bite but after a few more bites, it tasted too cheesy and too creamy. It had a really strong flavour that make us feel full easily.
Fish & Chips, RM22.90
Among all the Fish and Chips that we had tried in KK, Toscani used the best quality of fish for their Fish and Chips. It was great. My only qualm was the batter is a little bit thick.
Pizza 4 Flavors, RM49.90
Although the Pizza with four flavours was quite interesting. Taste wise, it was just average. Also, the prawns used for the pizza was a little bit over-cooked. I still preferred the Pepperoni Pizza.
Tiramisu, RM12.90
The Tiramisu was quite good. Very creamy and not too sweet. However, we were too full to finished-up the whole dish.
Mango Lassi, RM10.90
2 x Ginger Ale, RM11.80 and 3 x Hot Mints Lemon Tea, RM20.70
 Tonight dinner bill was paid by Paul and Shirley, total paid: RM241.62
Thank you very much for the nice meal and spending time chatting with us


Amanda said…
What in the heck was that noodle-looking stuff in the middle of the caeser?

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