Kopitiam Tanamera
No.17 0, Block D,
Lintas Square, Jln Lintas
88800 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 012-808 8380
Location: near Maybank and Easy Way
Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 18/03/2010
Luk Luk Prince had relocated to Kopitiam Tanamera. Together with Paul and Shirley, we went there for dinner tonight. The Luk Luk stall is just located at the main entrance of Tanamera, easy to spot. We just have to pick our favourite Luk Luk and they will cook it and serve it to you.
Luk Luk
The price vary from RM1.00- RM2.00 per stick.
Healthy Homecook Yam Rice by Shirley
The Yam Rice was good and tasty. Better than restaurant's Yam Rice. Homecook dish is always the best!
Luk Luk Sauces
Sweet sauce, chili sauce and satay sauce were available
Total paid for Luk Luk, RM48.50
Total paid for Tanamera drinks, RM21.70
 Plus Healthy Homecook Yam Rice, Priceless
Whole Dinner cost, RM70.20 (5 person)
 Dessert, Sweet Potato Tong Sui (made by Shirley)
The Sweet Potato Tong Sui was one of our favourite. It was good. 


Aya Nina said…
Goodness!!! RM48.50 for luk luk????? How many people ate? XD I spent RM7.50 for myself XD
Mas Light said…
Finally luk luk prince found a lot! ;) thanks for this post. We used to eat luk luk from them last time around that area only at their truck by the car park.
Monica said…
Aya, that's for 5 person, not expensived la, just right :)

Maslight, I heard Waterfront also have a Stall selling Luk Luk, will check it out soon. I guess the sauces are most important for Luk Luk. So far best sauces still Luk Luk Queen at Lido.
Anonymous said…
Can they have more than 2 pieces of meat on the stick?
Anonymous said…
no prob...just order more ..otherwise they cut the 2 pieces into 4 pieces
baby said…
i agree the best luk luk is the one at Lido.

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