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Seremban Seafood Restaurant @ Alamesra

Lot 126, Blk O, Lorong Plaza Permai 4,
Alamesra Sulaman Coastal Highway
88400 K. Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-484 922   Fax: 088-263 850
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 17/02/2010
We are back in KK! After taking a long nap at home, we are going out for dinner. Mom wanted to go 1Borneo after dinner, so we went to Seremban Seafood Restaurant which is located at the opposite of 1Borneo.
Yee Sang, RM48
Our first dish was the Chinese Yee Sang. Malaysian's Chinese believes that these dish will bring good luck. When tossing the Yee Sang, everyone have to say some auspicious words. These Yee Sang was good.  Appetizing. Probably because we were hungry, we polished off the whole dish.
Smoked Salmon
Seafood Beancurd, RM15
The Seafood Beancurd taste was very light with a hint of sweetness. The beancurd was smooth.
Emperor Chicken, RM50
I like the Emperor Chicken. It had a strong herbs taste. The chicken meat had absorbed the herbs gravy. It tasted good.
Fish Maw Soup, RM15
The Fish Maw Soup was not bad. Nothing to shout home about. It comes with beancurd, baby corn, button mushrooms and fish maw.
Shellfish (Tung Fung Lor), RM30
The Shellfish was very fresh. I can tasted the sweetness of the shellfish and it was very good. Mom like it to be eaten with the chilli sauce. It was good too.
Fatt Choi Hoe See (Dry Oyster with Beancurd and Vegetables), RM48
Fatt Choi Hoe See which means prosperity and good luck is one of the Chinese New Year's dish. It was good. The gravy was fragrantly good with oyster flavour. The beancurd and vegetables absorbed the gravy very well.
Steamed Fish, RM100
The fish was fresh. It was well-cooked and the meat was very smooth. I love it. I can tasted the freshness of the fish and I can eat it without the gravy.
Fruits, Free. Tonight Posperity Dinner, RM337.16

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Cornelius said...

Worth trying out. But are they open during the day? Or are they only open at night?

Angeline said...

Cornelius, sorry we are not very sure of their business hour cause all this while we only go there for dinner. If I'm not wrong they do open for lunch till 2pm then open at 6pm again for dinner.

Emmichiii James said...


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