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O Gourmet, Bangsar Shopping Complex, Kuala Lumpur

Monica Thursday, February 11, 2010
O Gourmet has opened at Bangsar Shopping Centre on last November. Spanning over 8,000 square feet, the food hall is designed to allow people to wander around like a market - picking and choosing fresh food and ingredients from the various counters. However, I couldn't understand why photos were not allowed to be taken in the shopping complex. Isn't the place is one of the tourist attraction as well? Again, while Angeline was taking photos of the place, we were told off by one of the staff there. But lucky enough, she already done taking the photos!
Okay, coming back to the O Gourmet, the food hall is divided into sections, featuring a bakery with freshly baked breads from Swiss Hiestand, cakes and desserts from boutique bakers, Just Heavenly, and coffee from Coffex Coffees.
The spices counter features a premium range of exotic spices from India and unique custom-made spiced nuts made on the spot.
Other sections include wine, cheese, organic vegetables and fruits, butcher for halal and non-halal meats, and deli.
Roasted chicken and some ready to eat food
Pre-packed ham and sausages
Ham and Sausages Counter
Assorted types of pasta and sauce
A variety of hams and sausages
Ready-to-eat pastries and Roast meats from Kam Lun Tai (Non-Halal section)
The meat sections features choice meats like prime US beef and other uncommon items such as pigeon, quail and rabbit meat.
Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, waxed meats is also available
Assorted types of waxed meats and mushroom
Tea from Singapore-based TWG Tea
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