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Delicious Cafe, Kuala Lumpur

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February!! Okay I don't mean to freak out but it has dawn upon me that January flew pass and here I am ushering in February and soon before you know it, March comes marching by (it rhymes) ! But that aside, Chinese New Year is around the corner and CNY just like Christmas is all about eating, eating and more eating. So please prepare yourself good before u indulge in the eating and drinking marathon! (By that i mean, perhaps put in that extra hour or days in the gym =p)

Back to the purpose of this entry, FOOD. I am pretty sure ange has blogged about dining at Delicious Cafe in MidValley before. I personally do not like the quality of food in Delicious Midvalley but the Delicious in Bangsar Village II is at a different level somehow or rather. I normally order the same thing when I am there which is to indulge in my fave fave fave beef pie and having tried it at both places, YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!

I tried digging out some old pictures of the food that I have tasted but sad to say I only managed to find a few and its a shame cause I have dined there many times but did not snap much pictures.

For those on a rabbit food diet =) there is also an option to have salad. The salad below is the Tuna Nicoise Salad. Personally I am never a fan of canned tuna and I love my fresh tuna (sashimi style) but then again, canned or fresh, do get your dosage of fish in your diet. Why? Well, tuna is a nutrient-dense food with high quality protein and most importantly high in the legendanry omega-3 essential fatty acids. Essential being the key word here! It is essential because our body cannot produce this fatty acids therefore we need to consume it. But then the next question is, what is omega 3 and why do we need it? At the top of my head, i know that it benefits our cardiovascular system. I am sure if you google it, you'll find loads of information on it but perhaps that may not interest you.
I guess the salad does look like a full on salad with loads of cucumber slices and lettuce. Perhaps this option is really too healthy for my liking! I would enjoy a classic sinful Caesar salad more =)

But having said that, this dish was pleasant and clean. If you are out trying to be good and have a healthy diet, i would recommend this!

My main dining culprit at Delicious is always my mom! She loves her carbonara and she really enjoyed this dish. Like I said before, if they can keep their consistency in the quality of their food, then this dish is definitely worth a try.

But who cares about the pasta! I don't! Cause I am only here for my beef pie =) Maybe I am over exaggerating it but I honestly do love my beef pie and I havent really tasted any good beef pie in Malaysia or Singapore just yet. Tasted a few good ones in Melbourne but so far, this one is done to my liking =)

As you can see, it is served with a nice thick hot black pepper like sauce that you can drizzle over your pie. Ouuu the pie, fluffy crispy puff pastry! Whats not to like about it =)

I think if they maintain the size of the beef which is nice beef chunk pieces, I'll continue to rave about their pie! It is saucy inside and you have tasty tasting meat with veges such as carrots and onoions.
*mental note: next trip back to KL must have beef pie!

Remember how I always end my meals with dessert if possible and if the tummy permits and if the company doesnt mind. We have tasted many of the desserts there but at the top of my head, the mango cheesecake was delicious, the chocolate cake is good but the bread and butter pudding was a bit of a disaster when i had it and the carrot cake below, well! I love my carrot cakes!

Normally what makes a good carrot cake is the icing (i love it when it is sour cream cheese icing) and the cake is dense with carrot and nuts! Moist is also a keyword here!
Icing checked! Good portion Checked! Cute carrot checked!

Well, I'd rate it a good 6 out of 10 for the carrot cake. It wasnt moist enough ! Thats the only flaw! Ouuu a bit of walnut chunks would be great too =) Thank You!

Generally, they serve decent food, wide variety of drinks and desserts. Its a nice place to just have a quiet day out with yourself, friends, family or partner. But if you want to be out impressing your date, perhaps this wont be the right spot. There are plenty of Delicious Cafe around (Bangsar, Midvalley, One Utama, KL Marc Residence, Nusa Dua in KL and erm plenty more but thats all i can remember at the top of my head). Again sorry about not having the price tag! Will try my best =)
Lately this saying has been running through my mind every now and then. It is a famous quote by confusious "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it".

In simple terms, it is reminding us not to constantly see and evaluate and judge the world (our surroundings/people/etc), distorted by our own wants and beliefs. We have to learn to look at things as they are, only then we can start to really see again. Of course its not an easy thing to do cause being human, we love to judge! But if we are able to stop judging and see things just as it should be, it is where in this natural perfection lies beauty!

Namaste =)
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