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City Mall , Core Fitness and Restaurants @ Lintas

Well, this is where I go to work everyday as a freelance group exercise instructor, Core Fitness at CityMall. CityMall is located near all the neighbourhood area, along Lintas Road, convenient and safe place to go. If you're thinking to shop and eat here on weekend, you better come early, cause at noon you can hardly find a parking, long queue. I always question myself why people want to come here, must be great Feng Shui, or this place got gold! Parking at the moment is Free. I heard they're going to have Cinema here and start to charge parking fees in March. Main tenant Giant Hypermarket, others, Popular Bookstore, Department Store for clothing, Guardian Pharmacy, Dvd and game shops, Saloons, Celyn Hotel, College, Offices, Boutique, Phone shop and booth, jewellry shop, and etc. Oh yeah! Foodcourt is located on 2nd floor.
Updating some photos after I put the post on today, walk around City Mall to snap photos this early morning before teaching Studio Cycle, feeling a bit hungry when I'm done with the photos, I had a light brunch here at San Francisco Coffee today.
 I ordered French Toast, RM4 and Espirit Raspberry, RM8.40, Total Bill: RM12.40
If you walk out from this entrance, you'll see Core Fitness
One way road, turning in from here
Core Fitness also located at this Block
Lounge Area
Cardio Zone
Weights Area
To read more about this click on the link Yoga  and  Pilates Studio
To read more about this click on the link Studio Cycle (Indoor Cycling)
This block you can find, Cube Cafe, Vedablu Ice Cream, Olde Station, Pizza Hut, Korean BBQ Supul, Tenom Station, Sanfrancisco Coffee and KFC
Water Fountain
This block, OldTown Cafe, College, Big Apple Donut, Sushi King and Starbucks Coffee (Halo Cafe Closed Business, and Jesselton Chicken Rice also Closed Business)
Most happening place here are OldTown Cafe and Starbucks Coffee
To read more about this click on the link OldTown White Coffee Cafe
Starbucks, our place for good cuppa and online
To read more about this click on the link Hana Japanese Restaurant
Located next to OldTown Cafe
To read more about this click on the link Mei Xin Dessert House (no longer in operation)
To read more about this click on the link Fish Noodle at day time and Tai Chow at night (Sorry, I can't read chinese, don't really know what is the restaurant name)
Celyn Hotel (You can try dine here, they offer some Value Meal at Lunch hours)

Pizza Hut
To read more about this click on the link Olde Station (Our Favourite joint)
Vedablu Premium Italian Ice Cream
I like their Avocado Ice Cream
To read more about this click on the link Ananas Juice Bar on 1st Floor
To read more about this click on the link Tenom Station (Located on Level 1, next to Core Fitness)
Great place to hang out and have some value meal
To read more about this click on the link Korean BBQ Supul (located on Level one next to Tenom Station and Core Fitness) Wow! This one you must try, I love the food here, thumbs up!
To read more about this click on the link CUBE CAFE
Value Set Lunch available daily, try it!
The Hut Western and Asian Food
To read more about this click on the link D'Yummy Recipe, Beef Noodle House (Located next to Station 13 and The Hut) - Closed for business - Fork and Spoon moving over to this shop
To read more about this click on the link Station 13
To read more about this click on the link Four Season (serve Pork Noodle at daytime and Steamboat from 6pm onwards)
To read more about this click on the link Yu Hing (serve great food with quality, I mean fresh but a bit pricy)
Love their seafood noodle (wet style), allergy, can't eat too often
 Bubble Tea and Light Snacks available here
 Convenient Stall
 Southern Cake House, this one also belong to my Fitness Centre Boss
 Cons Food Pastries Booth
1901 Hot Dog
 Nelson's Snack Bar
 Organic shop, also serving organic food here, heard their Lui Cha is good
 Big Apple Donut and Coffee located next to Old Town Cafe
 Fork and Spoon, same owner with The Hut, serving Asian Food

 Boardgame Cafe
 Earl Bar
 Some photos of the mall
 Popular Bookstore on 2nd floor
 Right next to Popular is the Foodcourt
 Most of the time only staffs eat here
 Wifi available at the Foodcourt
 Taiwan Convenient Stall
 Department Store
 LEA Centre, Shoes
 on Ground Floor
 There're a few Optical Shop in City Mall
 Ground Floor Sales Booth
 Guardain located next to Giant
 Giant Hypermarket

Today Meditation:
You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end each of us must work for his or her own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful.

Marie Curie
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tzevoon said...

you forgot to mention about Ananas Juice Bar on first floor city mal.. they serve good ice cream and juices.... a small place but goooood....

Terence said...

Have been really busy at work and have not checked your blog too often the past 2 weeks. The last time I was in KK, should have taken sometime to visit City Mall. My friends were thinking of going there but due to shortage of time, we never made it. That french toast with pandan kaya looks delicious. Ahhh,... pandan kaya, one of my favorite spreads for bread.

Terence said...

My favorite Ice Blended Coffee is from San Fransisco. Beats Starbucks anytime. Sometimes, me and my friend will go and get the buy 1 get 1 free offer at the San Fransisco stall at LG FLoor of Mid Valley. :) About 5-6 bucks for an Ice Blended. Not bad.

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