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Alexis @ The Garden Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur

Alexis Garden
Lot F209, First Floor
The Garden Midvalley City
Tel: 03-2287 2281
Food: 4.5/5
Services: 3.5/5
Clealiness: 5/5
Visit reviewed: 10/02/2010
Chinese New Year is getting very near, just a few more days to go. When everyone were busy preparing for the celebration, we were busy for food hunting. We had a lunch appointment with Terrence today. Supposed to go JayaOne for lunch but decided to just settle down at Midvalley to avoid the heavy traffics. 

Angeline was quite pissed off today cause she was told off  for taking photos of the restaurant, she step outside of the restaurant and snap photo of the entrance, she told the Alexis supervisor "I'm paying for my food, now can I snap photo standing outside your restaurant". Maybe they should put their rules and regulation "No Camera" allowed, Stupid place!!! Angeline was thinking not to have lunch there, why still want to promote their place, after all they don't even need us to blog about them, they're so great already but still so "Kiasu" like we are going to copy their style, interior, food and menu just by taking photos.

My previous trip to KL, I had missed out Alexis. So, I made a suggestion to go Alexis. Angeline had been there once. She went there just for the Alexis Tiramisu. We ordered a Peach Soda RM11.50, Cranberry Soda RM11.50 and Carrot juice RM11.50. We spend RM140.90 (15% charges included) just for the lunch.
Alexis Burger, RM28.00
The Alexis Burger was good. The beef patty used grounded prime beef. It was thick, well-cooked and juicy. It was topped with blue cheese which tasted a little bit too salty.
Club Sandwich, RM20
My Club Sandwich was great as well. They used fried egg, beef bacon, avocado and grilled chicken as fillings. It was rich in flavour and I like the creamy taste of the avocado. Yummy! It is one of their popular dish.
Alexis Special Rice, RM25
Angeline ordered the Alexis Special Rice. The rice was flavourful. The grilled fish was fresh and well-cooked, topped with the sambal sauce. The beef rendang had strong spices taste which taste good.
Mixed Fruit Meringue, RM15
This is the dish that made us felt excited. The Mixed Fruit Meringue! The meringue was topped with fresh cream and fruits. Creamy but not too sweet with a mild tang of lemon flavour. Heavenly good.

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Snifff said...

Yes I have the same sentiment with restaurants not allowing you to take pictures. For example the Din Tai Fung in Sg does not allow camera! They have a sign there which means, no pictures allowed!

Oh well!

Have to second on Alexis Tiramisu! It is indeed good!

Angeline said...

Hmmm, it's really not an easy job to be a blogger. But I will not give up!

Terence said...

Typical 3rd world mentality. Cannot take photos. Yup, Angeline, do not give up. Being a blogger, sometimes, must be like a newspaper photographer. Must be a bit thick skin. :) Or better still, have super thick skin like a papparazzi. hehehe Body guard of the movie star say cannot take photos, but they still do not care. ;)

Terence said...

The burger is awesome. It is a bit salty I guess due to the blue cheese. I swear I might order that again if I go to Alexis again. haha I find it THAT good.

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