CNY 1st Day, Kuala Lumpur

Happy Chinese New Year!! Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. Following the Chinese's tradition, today is also a vegetarian day.

Every year, we will wake up early in the morning on the first day of Chinese New Year, change new clothes and greet my mom with auspicious words. Without any exception, we follow the same routine this year. After greeting my mom, we bring Mikey along to visit our relatives at Sungai Long.
Mikey wearing new clothes. On the way to Sungai Long
Mikey motion sickness
It took almost half an hour to reach Sungai Long from Midvalley.
Semi-D at Sejati Hill
Garden at 2nd Floor of the house
Delicious Lin Chee Kang cooked by my Aunt
We just dropped by a while at our cousin house as my mom was busy. Mom cooked some vegetarian dishes for us.
Assorted mock meats, bean curd and pickles
Fried tunghoon with assorted vegetables

May the strength of Tiger bring you Greater Prosperity, Success, Good Health and Hapiness....


Unknown said…
May all your good wishes come true in the year of Tiger!
All moms' cookings are the best! But your mom's cookings look as good as chef's ones.

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