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Restoran Khalis @ Kingfisher Sulaman

Angeline Sunday, July 3, 2011 , , , ,

Restoran Khalis is a halal restaurant which operate 24 hours a day at Sulaman. Catering mostly for students and residents at that area, the restaurant serves a variety of food included noodles, rice, bao and roti canai.

Restoran Khalis @ Kingfisher Sulaman
Location: Corner shop, facing roadside

2 x Ice Syrup, RM1.80 and Syrup Bandung, RM2.20
Mee Goreng (Chicken), RM5.00
Freshly cooked fried noodle with chicken tasted delicious and fragrantly good. Savour with wok, the noodle consists of sweet and savoury taste.
Chili Chicken, RM2.00
Sweet, enriched with spices and tasty Chili Chicken is a ready-cooked dish available at the serving counter.
Fried Kuey Teow (Seafood) Wet Style, RM6.00
Sweet-savoury Kuey Teow served in flavoursome seafood's gravy. It was a simple yet tasty meal.
2 x Roti Canai, RM2.40
Well, I would said the most important element of a Roti Canai is the texture of the dough and the gravy to go with it. The Roti Canai was crispy while the curry's gravy and dhaal 

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