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Kedai Kopi WAH JUAN @ Tanjung Aru

Angeline Tuesday, November 30, 2010 , , ,
Kedai Kopi Wah Juan
Location: Tanjung Aru old shop lots, corner shop by the road side, near Sunny supermarket
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Undeniably, Kedai Kopi Wah Juan is one of the locals favourite place for Zhu Chap(mixed pork). Due to its high demands, the Zhu Chap will be sold out before 10.00am. Therefore, you need to be really early if you wish to have a good plate of Zhu Chap for breakfast.
Look at all those order, coming in non-stop till the pork innards sold out
Cooking Noodle non-stop
So tempted to order pau....slurp
wait until blur blur...
Yeah! Our food is coming...ready to work and eat...slurp!
Kopi O and 100PLus, RM3.10
Mixed Pork Innards (Pork Intestine, lung, stomach and meat)
These is the main attraction of the heavy crowds...Tasty. The innards was aromatic and had the right blend of spices flavour. The innards was cooked till tender and easy to chew. It took an effort to clean the intestines and get rid of its unpleasant smell.

Noodle with Soup
The Noodle with Soup tasted pretty average. Anyway, it is not a famous order in the shop.
Kolo Mee
A wise choice of ordering the noodle will be the Kolo Mee or loosely translated as noodle in 'dry style'. The gravy of the innards was added to the noodle's sauce. Hence, an aromatic cum flavourful noodle was created. Simple and delicious.
Total paid for Food, RM13.60 and Drinks, RM3.10
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gunsirit said...

This shop is familiar..mcm pernah datang.. :)

Angeline said...

Gunsirit, thank you for supporting our blog :)
If you ever meet us at the makan place, don't forget to say "hi". Thank you again, without all of you keep on logging in we won't make it this far and we are keep on improving!

gunsirit said...

We will sure support you....

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