Yun Man Steamboat Buffet @ Taman Dixon

Yun Man Steamboat Buffet @ Taman Dixon
Ratings: 4/5
Services: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Steamboat used to be a festive meal for Chinese New Year or family celebrations. As time change, steamboat are widely available at anyday. Now we can just walk into all these booming steamboat buffet restaurants with the charge of one flat price and eat all you can. Yun Man Steamboat Buffet is one of the most famous spot for cheap and good steamboat in KK. This restaurant only offer open air seats, I guess I prefer to sit outside when eating steamboat as there're fire and the heat emitted from the stove from the steam boat pots. Always running a full capacity every night. They offered 4 different flavors, where sually most restaurants will only serve the clear soup and the Tom Yam soup, here you can opt. for FISH SOUP, THAI STYLE TOM YAM SOUP, ORIGINAL CHICKEN SOUP AND HERBAL CHICKEN SOUP. For buffet, offering a stimulating selections of fish balls, fresh seafood, vegetables.
Charges for buffet, RM20 (Adult) and RM10 (Child)
Selections of Cooked food
Fried Chicken Wing.....must pick this!!!
Deep Fried Fish Head....must try this!!!
Yong Tau Foo
Sauces and condiments
Noodles and mushroom
Selections for steamboat
Fresh...fresh prawn
Ice creams
Ok, let's bring it to boil, gotta feed my stomach now!
Just throw everything in...cook it at once
Hey! Leave some for me ya!
Don't eat first wait for me, just few more photos to go..
Ok, I'm done witht the photos, time for me to eat


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