Usagi Japanese Restaurant @ Kompleks Karamunsing

G 76 and G 77, Ground Floor, Block C,
Kompleks Karamunsing,
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-268 011
Food: 4.5/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
We were invited by the proprietor to review their restaurant and the team happily obliged to this 'arduous' task of eating and enjoying ourselves. Angeline, who have been our KL correspondence for the past 2 months, was able to join us this time.
Private Room
This restaurant has went through some refurbishment with the sandwich/ Teppanyaki bar being a new addition, as well as a private tatami room being constructed for those private meal customers wish to have. 
 Jyo Sashimi RM70.00
1st off, we were served with sashimi boat (a must have) consisting of Salmon (normal cut and belly cut) Tuna+radish roll, clam, milkfish, octopus, and salmon roe. I had mine sans wasabi sauce and tasted that all the seafood were fresh, with the fish variant being all particularly creamy.
Our Sashimi boat was followed by Take Zensai (Uzaku and Shake Boru), RM7.90 per serving. I must say that the Shake Boru (salmon ball with housemade sauce) was a little bit on the salty side, although when matched with rice, the saltiness is not that obvious. I did however, loved the sauce that accompanies the salmon ball. The  ball comes served with small portion of Uzaki, marinated cucumber with eel (bowl at the background), which when served with pickled zucchini, cancels out any strong fishy smell, commonly found in unagis.
 Shake Furai Salada RM18.00
This is the salmon fingers, i.e. strips of salmon fried with breadcrumbs. served on top of salad. I was a bit reserved at first, because I don't really fancy cooked salmon (grilled, fried, smoked), although I go head over heels for a serving of raw salmon. I guess its the fishy smell that is released from cooking this migratory fish that puts me off. However, in this particular dish, when mixed around with the salad, any traces of fishy smell is neutralised by the soury sauce of the salad.
 Checker Tempura RM19.90, Potato Croquette RM8.00
Next up is the prawn tempura, with 2 variants one being a normal coated and another one with additional seaweed coating. Both were crunchy and the prawn was sweet. I felt the seaweed coating was a smart twist as it brings about a hint of saltiness to match the sweet prawn. Although the dipping sauce was fragrant, it was a bit salty. The tempura came with potato patty wrapped in cheddar and topped with fish roe.
 Gindara Hoiru Yaki (Grilled Cod Fish in Foil) RM24.90 (M), RM16.90(S)
Next, we were served with grilled cod fish in herbs and vege. Just 3 words to describe this: to die for. It smells heavenly and I had goosebumps eating the skin, as the fat under the skin turns into a creamy texture when cooked.
 Bara Chirashi Don (Julienne Cut Sashimi with Sushi Rice)
RM26.90(Medium) RM18.90(Small)
Our last savoury dish was this marinaded sashimi mix served on top of japanese rice. If you have fear of raw fish then I would not recommend this, as the texture (not the taste, mind you) is something of an acquired taste. Raw fish beginners should start with normal sashime (shown above). Why? well the sauce and onion results in a very moist texture, as if its an ingredient sitting at the side of the stove waiting to be cooked, except that the waiter whisk it away thinking its already cooked.

That said, I've only described the texture, which needs getting used to. For people who love sashimi, including yours trully, then this is a welcoming treat, with the vinegary-savoury mix of fish and rice, although not a match made in heaven, is quiet tasty.
 Tempura Ice Cream RM12.00
Our kind host, through their proxy, Chef Timothy, graced the end of our dinner with this wonderful dessert, of deep fried ice cream, which is crepe wrapped green tea ice cream, matched with berry sauce. Although initially i thought that the pastry was not crunchy, but I was wrong, it was crunchy on the outside but cold and creamy ice cream still frozen inside.
Lastly, the team would like to thank Ms. Cherry Chu for inviting us, Ms. Soo Chin and Chef Timothy for entertaining us that evening, and the kind people who waited at our table. 
Below: Photos with Canon G12 Camera


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