Pizza Hut's Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza

Who moved my Cheese? A total of 6 types of cheese had gone missing from my kitchen! I've left with no choice but to lodged a report to the Lost & Found department.
 Those were the cheeses that gone missing...
With immediate action taken, finally, there was a response from the Lost & Found department. My missing cheeses had been recovered and it was found at the kitchen of Pizza Hut. How did my cheeses gone there? It is still a mystery...

During lunch hour, I sneaked out to the nearest Pizza Hut outlet which was located at Citymall to claim my missing cheeses.

 Mushroom Soup and Soft Drink
Not long after I made my order of reclaiming the cheeses, we were served with Soft Drink and Mushroom Soup. As a coincidence, Monica and I were really hungry. The Mushroom Soup killed our hunger pangs.
 Garlic Bread
The Garlic Bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Fragrantly good with garlic and tasted a little salty on its own.
 Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza
While I was still waiting for my cheeses, we were served with a Pepperoni Cheesy Pizza. Being a cheese lover, I couldn't resisted myself from having a piece of the pizza.
The Extreme Cheesy 6 Pizza was so good. I was amused with the taste of the cheese. Then, I recognized that it was made from my 6 types of cheese that gone missing. The pizza contained the classic delicate taste of Cheddar Cheese, the creamy and soft texture of Mozzarella Cheese, the flavourful and savoury taste of Parmesan Cheese, the hearty taste of the Romano Cheese, the slightly tart texture of the Provolone Cheese and the zesty and fluffy texture from Monterey Jack.

It's a cheesy goodness!! Never know that the mixture of cheeses can be so good. Be prepare for food-ganism, I'll say. Cheeselicious!! I claimed back my missing cheeses in a better way. Thank you Pizza Hut!
Paid a total of RM35.65 for the cheesy meal
Oh yeah, I'm gonna be back again for more! I'm crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeese!!


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