PARTY PLAY Lifestyle Cafe @ Lintas

Party Play Lifestyle Cafe
Lot 21-0, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3,
Lintas Plaza, 88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: 088-218210
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 22/11/10
The heavy rain in KK doesn't stopped us from visiting Party Play Lifestyle Cafe tonight. One of the newly opened cafe in Lintas, noticeable by the elegant furnishings and the creative interior,  Party Play Lifestyle Cafe was founded by a French Trained Chef who had experiences working in some major cities hotel and restaurants which included a well-known eateries group "creative eateries" in Singapore.
The unique ambiance of the cafe was pretty relaxing and comfortable.
Take photo...interior...interior...logo...banner... cute boy .....Ooopss...sorry....this boy is too cute, he was crying but stop and pose for me when I photograph him, very photogenic little boy!
Interior...interior again...decoration...chili the chili burger..burger...slurp....Ooops...sorry I love trip must try their burger
Ginger Ale RM3.00, Mineral Water RM3.00
Nachos Classic RM12.00
The blend of spicy grounded beef, chilis and shredded lettuces mixed on top of the crunchy corn tortilla chips baked with melted cheddar cheese and served with salsa sauce and cream are just right to go as a starter. It consist of sour, spicy, tangy with cheese taste in every bite. Ratings: 4/5
Half/Half Pizza RM28.00
My choice of flavours are the All Meats and Seafood Delight. Crunchy thin crust pizza with generous toppings. The Seafood Delight which consist of fresh prawns and fish was delicious flavoured while the All Meats topping was so meaty and cheesy, loaded with bacon, ham, sausages and bolognaise. Ratings: 4.5/5
Roasted Whole Teriyaki Spring Chicken RM18.00
The Spring Chicken was roasted to perfection. Featured a mouth watering, juicy and delicious flavour. It was served with thick fries and Japanese Tomato Salad. One of the signature dish of Party Play. Ratings: 4.5/5
Total paid for dinner, RM73.60
Oooh....very cheezzzzie....
Hey! Someone steal my fries.....arghhhh
Sticky Dates Pudding with Butter Scotch and Vanilla Ice Cream RM10.00
Special thanks to our contributors! The desserts were actually belonged to the patrons seated next table. They offered us to take some photos of their desserts too!
Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice Cream RM10.00
Highly recommended dish!
Sesame Snap with Strawberry Cream  RM12.00
Contributed by ahbing and friends (click on the photo below, direct link to ahbing blog). Coincidentally, ahbing was celebrating his friend's birthday at the cafe. We had fun meeting some friendly patrons that allowed us to table-hopped and take photos.
Light up..light up! He's the owner and the Chef of Party Play Lifestyle Cafe
Party Alaska RM24.00
Contained alcohol (Recommended for birthday boy/girl)
Next time don't want to sit on high seat... feeling hard to take photo
Wahahahah....time to eat
OMG! Cross-eyes
We are creating a party mode to match the cafe theme
"Party Face...Party People....Fun...Play"
Ok,1st attempt cam-whoring, failed, haha!
We are close family member, just like best friend,
we share the same passion, dreams and goals.
We gotta share happiness and hopefully no sadness, 
to feel complete and living life fully!
The Menu (Click on it to enlarge)
Signature Desserts
Grand Opening on the 8th December...


all-is-off said…
wah...thanks for this post will definitely go and try this new place - food looks so good!
Unknown said…
i think the same, good place, good ambiance for young, dynamic and nice out-door concept for gossip ^^
I love it :-)
JohnGo said…
Wow!!!~~ This place really "Don't play play". Just had my company x'mas dinner (buffet style)three hours ago, the food was good, judging on the scale of buffet standards.

Just had 4 round of servings and I am stuffed, from Starters of Ceaser Salad, Beef Mini Burgers, and Fish & Chips to Main Course of Turkey Roll with "Natural Jus" - No idea what the sause meant, but its good, and Beef Shin with Tomato Stew, Carbonara Pasta, Mushroom and Seaweed Pizza & Tandoori Chicken Pizza... to Dessert of Cheese Cake and fruits!!~~~

The price for each person is RM40 Nett. So thumbs up for Party Play!!~~ Should give it a try guys & gals!!~~~

Wish all Merry X'mas & Happy New Year!!!!~~~

Cheers ^^
adrian@sabah said…
Sounds like a good place to visit, although some of the food presentation seems a little offbeat. Excellent write up.
Mas Light said…
Gonna go there again, the last time I went there I had strawberry milkshake, it was awesome ;D
Anonymous said…
Is that mean that the foods are non-halal?
Monica said…
Is not halal as some of the dessert might contain alcohol.

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