No. 1 Chinese and Crag & Tail, Edinburgh

Flights from London to Edinburgh
Regular flights from London to Edinburgh leave most of London's airports throughout the day. The flight takes 1 1/2 hours but remember to factor in the time and expense of getting to London's airport
Great to be on our feet, walking was fun in this kind of weather

Lunch - No.1 Chinese Restaurant
38-39 Elm Row,
Tel: (0131) 5581307

BBQ Pork, GBP$7.30
It was nice but nothing compare to what we can get in Malaysia, what to do when you're craving for Chinese food in western country...hmmm
Chicken Peking, GBP$7.30
Ok, this is good, I like the sweet sauce
Special Foo Yoong Egg, GBP$8.00
Tasted just right, not too dry nor too oily, good!
Pork P.S. Soup, GBP$12.00
Wow! This soup was a bit pricey...why they want to eat Chinese food here
Fried Breansprout, GBP$5.00
No complaint, good!


Crag and Tail
503 Lawnmarket
Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 2PE, United Kingdom
Tel: 0131 225 9392
Soup of the day, GBP$3.95
Thick and creamy tomato soup, this is what I like, haha
Haggis Ball, GBP$4.99
Interesting...but not my dish, I guess it was good cause nothing left on the plate!
Sausage and Mash, GBP$9.50
Yeah, nice sausage, perfectly cooked top with onion sauce and creamy mash potato
Haddock, GBP$9.95
Not crispy enough! No fishy smell, not oily served with mash peas and thick fries
Beef Burger, GBP$9.50
Wooo...I love burger and fries, tasted so good, very filling

2nd Day Lunch
Yes, back here again for lunch, they just don't fancy western food, only me that are enjoying western food. So, Chinese food a gain.
No.1 Chinese Restaurant
38-39 Elm Row,
Tel: (0131) 5581307
Dumpling, GBP$8.00
Light and tasty soup, dumpling skin was smooth and pork filling was nicely spiced
Singapore Fried Mee Hoon, GBP$8.50
Ahhh... this tasted good but not so Singapore style though, lots of shrimp
Chinese Tea, GBP$6.00
Yung Chow Fried Rice, GBP$6.50
I guess they do used a better quality rice grain here, with so much shrimps, it tasted really good and fragrant from the savoury wok!

Walk around again after lunch...good for digestion
Lovely history building


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