Kuchai Night Market "Pasar Malam", Restoran Sri Kuchai and Soya Bean Van @ Kuchai Lama

One of the main attraction in KL was the night market. Staying at Midvalley, I've plenty of opportunities to visit the night market operating at different locations every night. Besides my favourite night market at OUG, the Kuchai Lama's night market is also one of the great market to be visit. Tonight, I'm getting my junk food there.
Apam Balik Stall
The Apam Balik was one of my sis and my favourite food. We used to bragged our mum to buy us some Apam Balik for breakfast during our childhood.
Din Sum Stall
Another great snack to have while walking and window shopping at the night market is the Dim Sum.

After we bought our take away, we settle down at a Mamak stall, having our food comfortably
Restoran Sri Kuchai @ Kuchai Lama
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
CLeanliness: 3/5
The mamak stall is clean and comfortable with WIFI setting. This is the new generation of mamak.
2 pieces of Apam Balik, RM2.00
The grounded peanut and sugar fillings was so good. The Apam Balik doesn't tasted flourish but fluffy and cute.
Fish Ball and Dim Sum, RM4.00
The Dim Sum and Fish Ball taste were just average. Somehow, we just love it as snack.
Popiah, RM3.60
Popiah is a must-have for me whenever I visited the night market. Thin popiah skin wrapped with plenty of vegetables and loaded with sweet sauce and chili sauce. Delicious!
Mee Goreng Ayam, RM5.50
The Mee Gorend Ayam was pretty good. Noodle was fried till fragrantly good, not too wet nor dry, topped with a big piece of Fried Chicken.
Roti Telur, RM1.80
The Roti Telur was okay. A little crispy on the surface, texture was quite fluffy and had a great egg's aroma.

Total paid for dinner, RM21.30
For dessert we just walk around the corner to have a bowl of Tau Foo Fa
2 x Tau Foo Fa, RM3.00
Smooth beancurd topped with brown sugar syrup. A great dessert to end the meal.


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