Lot No.6, Ground Floor,
Kolam Centre, Phase 3
88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: 088-254 322/ 016-834 9889 (Amie)/ 016-722 3200
Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5
Our initial plan was actually to have steamboat for dinner. Somehow, the shop that we planned to go was closed on that day. Therefore, we ended up trying a new seafood restaurant in Hilltop.

Kim Ho Seafood Restaurant had just started operating not long ago. Their special dishes included but not limited to Deep Fried Fish in Thai Style Sliced Mango, Mongolian Creamy Prawn, Crispy Yam Crab with Salted Egg, Kun Fu Pork Rib and Dual Vegetable with Dried Shrimp.
Camwhore again, haha! We love Canon G12
Tadaa...Mr.Jack in action...
Steamed Rice
Chili padi, free
Soup of the day, free
Stir-Fry Potato Leaves with Garlic, RM10.00
The Stir-fry Potato Leaves with Garlic was simple and nice. Lightly seasoned with salt and soy sauce.
Claypot Homemade Beancurd, RM12.00
The homemade beancurd was pre-fried to hold its shape. Then, it was cooked together with celery, mushroom, carrot and pork. Beancurd was soft and smooth. Gravy had a delicious flavour that goes well with the beancurd and other condiments.
Mango Chicken, RM12.00
One of the hot-pick in the restaurant was the Mango Chicken. Deep-fried chicken topped with ripe mango and thai sauce. Sweet, sourish, spicy and mouth watering. The greasiness of the deep fried chicken was neutralized by the soury sauce.
Steamed Tilapia with Asam Sauce, RM27.00
Our last dish was the Steamed Tilapia with Asam Sauce. The fish was well-cooked. Flesh still remained silky smooth and has none of the muddy flavour I had expected. The spicy and tangy sauce was appetizingly good.
Total paid for dinner, RM65.00


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