HORNBILL Restaurant and Cafe @ Taman Tasik Perdana/Lake Garden

Hornbill Restaurant
920, Jalan Cenderawasih,
Taman Tasik Perdana
40480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2693 8086
Business hours: 9:00am-8:00pm
The main feature that distinguishes KL Bird Park from any other bird parks is the concept of free-flight.
Entering the door of KL Bird Park is as if you are stepping into an enormous bird cage, where visitors will have a chance to witness at close proximity how approximately 800 birds of 60 local and foreign species living together as a perfectly balanced community in this semi-natural, man-made environment.
One of the most prominent evidence that these birds have adapted so well to this environment is that they are already able to breed naturally.
They search for their suitable nesting areas; bountiful sources of fallen leaves, branches and twigs provide the suitable nesting materials for these birds to build their own nests; they care for their babies until they grow up and the cycle continues year after year.
Therefore, this concept of free-flight not only provide the patrons of the park to experience the close resemblance of life in the tropical rainforest, but it is also perhaps the best way to ensure the survival and species continuity of these birds.

Experience the ambience of lush green tropical rainforest once you step into our free-flight walk-in aviary.

Reputed to be one of the largest in the world, this free-flight walk-in aviary, comprising of Zone 1 and Zone 2 of the park, is the home to more than 60 species of local and foreign birds, flying freely and living together in harmony and balance, creating a unique ecosystem of its own in this semi-natural environment.
Be amazed by the courtship display of the Indian Blue Peacock with its magnificent, colourful, 5-feet train.
Also, get a glimpse of the Crowned pigeon, the largest pigeon species in the world having the body size of a turkey. Or if you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to see how Yellow-billed Storks gather fallen twigs to build nests in their nesting colonies, and last but not least, doves, egrets and ibises feeding joyfully at the various feeding points. Do not miss the Free-flying Birds Feeding that takes place in this part of the park at 10.30am

Admission Fee
ADULT (Standard) RM 45.00
*CHILDREN (Standard) RM 35.00

ADULT (with MyKad) RM 20.00
*CHILDREN (with MyKid) RM 10.00

Children from 3 - 12 years old

Opening Hours: The park is open daily from 9.00am to 6.00pm (including weekends and public holidays)

One of my friend's uncle actually own this Bird Park and Hornbill restaurant, she's helping her uncle managing this place from birds to restaurant, basically everything. She did offer to buy us lunch here but we just have a drink and chat for a while, we settle the bill ourself cause haven't seen her for a while, I don't like to take advantage of people.

Hornbill Restaurant and Cafe is an ideal venue for entertaining family, friends and clients, be it for lunch, dinner, business meetings, small parties to wedding receptions. This three-tier restaurant provides middle and lower deck private dining areas which separates from the rest of the main upper deck restaurant, spacious enough to cater for up to 200 people at one time. Or you can even choose to recreate the Hornbill dining experience for your special occasions in the comfort of your own home through our catering service. Experience the real pleasure of dining while relishing the beauty of nature...
Coke, RM9.00 and Coconut, RM12.00
Pricey food and drink here, same charges like hotel
Total paid for drinks, RM18.90
Nasi Goreng seems like a popular order here
Experienced a really close ecounter with birds


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