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1Borneo, the much hyped about biggest hyper mall on the island of Borneo at 4.8 million square foot complex, it was indeed spectacular. 1Borneo the largest Lifestyle Shopping Mall in Sabah consists of 4 international & regional chain Hotels, Condominiums, Auto city, Oceanarium & Discovery centre, Handicraft & Cultural Centre, Spa & Fitness Centre, Amusement Centre, Bowling Centre, Cineplex, Gourmet Lane. Giant Super market is the anchor tenant. 1Borneo is strategically located on 23.3 acres of prime land along Jalan Sulaman Highway, adjacent to University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) with close proximity to the state and federal administrative centres. 7 km southward of KK City along the Jalan Sulaman Highway surrounded by lush greenery overlooking the majestic Mount Kinabalu, 1 Borneo is set to be the ultimate shopping experience in Borneo Island to be enjoyed by locals and foreign tourists alike. 1Borneo is nestled in the middle of a growth triangle formed by the Federal Administrative Centre, the fast growing ultra modern University Malaysia Sabah and the upcoming Alamesra Township. 4 Condominiums - Towers A&B (25 storeys, 399 units each). Tower C (28 storeys, 119 units) , Tower D (over 12 storeys, 91 units); totaling 1008 units
Home's Cafe & Restaurant @ 1 Borneo
Food: 3/5
Services: 3/5
Looking for a place to dine while shopping in 1 Borneo, Kota Kinabalu? You might try Home’s Cafe and Restaurant, located in 1 Borneo hypermall, at the lower ground floor. They serve local favorites like, fried noodles (in a variety of styles), rice with stir-fried vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, local Chinese style food we get anywhere, Western food also available here, such as chicken chop, and fish and chips. Currently they're offering some promotion Set Lunch and Set Dinner for weekdays, which are really value for money.
Set Lunch/Dinner start from RM29.90
Set Meal for 1 person, RM6.90
Lotus Root Chicken Soup
This soup taste delightful with just lotus root and chicken. But, with the existence red dates, it tastes superb. Hmm...I love it!
Lotus root is the root of waterlily. The root is embedded in the mud, hence you can see the skin of the raw lotus root still contain the mud stain. It is a wonderful ingredients in Chinese cuisine. It is commonly found in savory soup boiling, but now it's widely used in stir-frying and deep-frying too.
Stir-fried Spinach with Garlic
Refreshing and simple way to cook veggie, it was a dish well thought of for its health benefits, without compromising on the taste. Vegetables are delicious and packed full of precious vitamins and minerals. Not only are they low in calories and high in fibre, root vegetables are bursting with essential nutrients that we should be consuming on a daily basis.
Grilled Fish (Choice of: Ikan Sebelah or Ikan Putih)
Their Grilled Fish. At first look, it looked fried you can from the texture. Obviously a quick fry to maintain the moisture of the fish and grilled to finish it off.
Set Dinner, RM29.90++
2 x steamed rice, 2 x Chinese Tea, Lotus Root Soup, Stir-Fried Vegetable and Grilled Fish
Total paid for dinner, RM34.10
Window shop for a while after dinner
Times Bookstore at Ground Floor
Nice Spanish Restaurant and Bar "La Fuente"
The Mall
Grand Borneo Hotel Room
Courtyard Hotel Room
Novotel Room
Tune Hotel also here
Shuttle Bus services to KK city
1Borneo Hypermall, Jalan Sulaman, 88400 Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Interesting Place to go......
Discover Tawau, Sabah.......
Tawau is a coastal town located on the south east coast of Sabah, in Eas Malaysia. Surrounded by the Celebes Sea, it is naturally famous for fresh, succulent seafood but visitors will find that it also has a lush green countryside
(Resource from: MAS Going Places Magazine Nov'10)
Recently I read an interesting article about Tawau, thought it was a good idea to write.....

Getting closer to Mother Nature....
"A land where nature is at her best and richest: where plants and animals, forests and oceans, and every living thing, seem yet inspired to a feverish desire for growth and reproduction, as though they were still in the dawn of creation....."

Tawau - an unknown town developing to be the 2nd Garden City of Malaysia after Kuching City. Nature has the power to awe and to inspire. Hence, it is not surprising that nature is the compelling reason for many people to travel. Being a tropical country, Malaysia supports a diverse natural landscape that ranges from mountaintops to limestone vegetation to swamp forests. Getting up close and personal with Mother Nature is not difficult; all you need is a good pair of walking shoes, a sense of adventure and a keen eye for wildlife spotting. Tawau has several untapped tourism potential - her potential in becoming the next eco-tourism destination in Malaysia. In this region of Sabah is the tallest tropical tree in the world at 88.34 metres, waterfalls, hot springs, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, rare dragonflies and many unnamed spiders and insects. A Wildlife Conservation Centre is planned in Merotai that provide sanctuary to pygmy elephants whose habitats are being eroded due to timber felling and oil palm planting in Tawau.
Calm fire
Malaysia's lone volcano is found within a volcanic field on the Smporna Peninsular and is located in the Taway Hills National Park in Sabah, Mount Bombalai is a low volcanic cone with 300m-wide crater and two young lava flows extending almost to the coastal plain.
(Source: Glabal Volcanism Program by The Smithsonian Institution, The National Museum of Natural History, USA)
(photo resource from: animalspedia.com)
To see the real Tawau Hills Park you will need to jungle trekking into the forest to see the beauty of this place. From Tawau town, take a cab of 30 minutes drive to get there. Entering this park is actually walking into the oldest virgin forest in the world. In a good day you might be lucky enough to see some small animals in the jungle. After trekking of about 1 hour you will arrive Hot springs in this park. Or just less then 30 minutes walk you come to touch with your own fingers the Tallest Tropical Tree of the world -- and tie a wish ribbon with a wish. Tawau Hills National Park is located in south-eastern Sabah and is bounded by the Ulu Kalumpang Forest Reserve on the northern side and Mount Andrassy Forest Reserve on the south. The eastern and western sides are bordered by agricultural lands mainly cocoa and oil palm plantations.
The terrain within the park is quite rugged and hilly with three main peaks in the form of extinct volcanoes namely:
1) Gunung Magdalena (1,310 m asl)
2) Gunung Lucia (1,189 m asl)
3) Gunung Maria (1,067 m asl)
Both Gunung Maria and Gunung Magnalena are off-limits to the public, but a jungle trail is being constructed to Gunung Lucia for hiking of the public.

The southern perimeter contains some of the last remaining non-swampy land under primary forest in Sabah. Seven important rivers with water catchment areas are confined largely or entirely within the park boundary. They are :
1) Sungai Tawau (the main river in the park)
2) Sungai Kinabutan in the centre
3) Sungai Mantri
4) Sungai Balung in the east
5) Sungai Merotai Kanan,
6) Sungai Merotai Kecil and
7) Sungai Junap (a tributary of Sungai Merotai Besar) in the west.
Resource from: http://www.etawau.com/
Tawau has a booming cocoa industry and this museum showcase its history. Guides will show you how cocoa snacks and delicacies are prepared, while everything from chocolate jam to instant hot cocoa beverages are for sale here.
Teck Guan Cocoa Museum, Mile 2 Tanjung Batu Laut Opens: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday;
8am-1pm, Saturday Admission: RM100 per five person group Tel: 6089 775 566 ext 2601

Places to Eat.......

Kam Ling Seafood Restaurant, 25 Sabindo Seaside Food Stall, Jalan Chen Fook (Open 4-10pm daily, Tel: 6089 756 457)
The reataurant only caters to the dinner crowd and serves halal (kosher) cuisine. Fresh local seafood is displayed for selection on lavish counters and there is a wide variety available. The dining area is not air-conditioned, but is cool and very breezy in the evening.
Fresh Seafood
Cafe@se7en The 24-hours outlet on the 7th floor of the Promenade Hotel Tawau has a balcony seating with a lovely view of the town. It's a great place for catching up with friends and a relaxing dining with perfect view.
Promenade Hotel Tawau, Eastern Plaza, Jalan Kuhara Mile 1, Tel: 6089 982 888 Website: http://www.promenade.com.my/
Place to Stay......
Heritage Hotel Tawau Located 31km from Tawau Airport, this is the hotel of choice for discerning business travellers to Tawau. It's a charming hotel that exudes warmth and class in the heart of town, with superb access to Tawau's business hub, The Fajar Commercial Centre.
TB 210-213 Jalan Bunga, Fajar Complex Tel: 6089 766 222 Website: http://www.heritagehotel.com.my/

Balung River Eco Resort Set amidst 3,500 acres of pristine tropical rainforest in Tawau Hills Park, this is a perfectly chilled green getaway.  Freshwater fishing is popular leisure activity at the man-made pond. Fish reeled in can be cooked to your liking by the resort chefs. Indulge in a round at the putting green, or just go mountain biking, bird watching, hiking along the many trails there.
Mile 33 Apas Balung Tel: 6089 761 339 Website: http://www.seaventuresdives.com/

Coming up soon....Discover Sipadan Island!!!

Coming up soon....Discover Sipadan Island!!!
Diver's Paradise.....


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