STHRIVE Your Everyday Health Centric Gourmet Meal - Real Food, Real Taste, Real Convenience

Sthrive advanced freeze-drying technology, we care for your body, and help you maintain good health at minimal costs. Freeze-drying food is a natural preservation process because this process removes moisture. With proper storage practices that reduce or eliminate oxygen, moisture, micro organisms and pests or by utilizing modern appliances such as oxygen absorbers, or your freezer, food can be safely preserved without any chemical additives.
While there is limited research specifically on freeze-drying technology, the research that has been completed shows that freeze-dried food retains an almost identical flavor, colour, texture and nutritional profile to non freeze-dried food with some nutritional loss for water soluble vitamins. When comparing freeze-dried to other preserved food, freeze-dried food most closely matches fresh food.

With the exception of certain vitamins, the nutrition profile is virtually unchanged. This means that calories, sodium, sugars, etc are the same as it's fresh counterpart!
One of the most noticeable differences between dehydrated food and freeze-dried food is the appearance of the food! Dehydration causes the food to get really small and hard; it's basically food that has shriveled up as the moisture was removed.
Life is busy - sometimes overwhelmingly busy - and often it's our health that suffers from being on the go too much. In an ideal world, we'd all have time to select, buy, prep and cook a meal made with whole foods, and have the knowledge to ensure we're getting the complete nutrition we need. But this is unfortunately not always possible, especially when we're on the go or in a rush.
Sthrive products are lightweight and portable. And it requires as low as 5 minutes for preparation before eating, crazy right?!
How Is the Sthriver's Meal Prepared? Serving Recommendation: 
1 Meal = 5 scoops +175ml hot water* 
1 Snack = 2 scoops + 70ml hot water*
*Make sure hot water is slightly over your meal for full hydration. Too much of water will change to thinner consistency. Add as desired.
1. Shake the bag for even distribution of ingredients before open it. 
2. Add Sthriver’s Meal to a heat resistant bowl. 
3. Add hot water. 
4. Stir well and cover lid. Steep for 5 to 15 mins. 
5. Tada! Your meal is ready!
Add on Sthriver’s Nood with Sthriver's Meal for a balanced meal (Save Even More $ with STHRIVER's PLUS) Sthriver's Plus is a subscription package consists of Sthriver's Meal and Sthriver's Nood.

How Is the Sthriver's Nood Prepared?
1. Soak in water for 10 to 15 minutes 
2. Discard the water and rinse the noodle with water to remove the residual of salt. 
3. Add the Nood to your Sthriver’s Meal 
4. Tadaa! Your meal is ready!


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