Nano 223 Multi-Surface Disinfectant Mist Spray with "Light Activated Technology"

What’s the best way to protect yourself from Covid-19? Prevention is better than cure. Now let’s coat and protect your belongings with Nano223. Nano 223 Multi-Surface Disinfectant Mist Spray uses light-activated technology from Japan to kill bacteria, viruses, molds and odors through light. 1 time spray can last for 24/7 and it is able to stay on the surfaces for 180 days! Which is 6 months! No more frequent disinfection needed now!

Nano 223 equipped with fine mist nozzle spray to coat/cover a large surface area. The ingredients of Nano223 are natural and safe, so it is suitable for all surface.

The main ingredient-Titanium Dioxide is a food grade food additive that is certified by FDA. It simply means Nano223 is safe and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Be sure to spray on your clothes before heading out! As it will creates an invisible anti-bacterial protective barrier, which provides “Automatic Disinfection” effect, no more worry bringing germs back home now. 1 time spray can last for 50x washes for fabrics.

Nano223 Multi Surface Disinfectant Mist Spray is proven to kill 99.999*% of the SAR-S CoV-2 bacteria (which is the virus that causes COVID-19!)

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Nano223 protects you and your loved ones~

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