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Thien Thien Restaurant @ Gaya Street

Angeline Friday, July 1, 2011 , , ,

When come to halal food, there doesn't seems to have much choices to be choose from, especially considering the prices and the dining environment. Thien Thien Restaurant is a well-established restaurant in KK which serves good Halal food at a reasonable prices.

Thien Thien Restaurant
No.57, Jalan Pantai,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088251805
Crowded during lunch and dinner hours
Complementary soup
Sweet and Sour Fish RM13.00
Crispy fish fillet coated with sweet-sourish sauce. Appetizingly good and goes well with rice. Recommended!

Stir-fried Baby Kailan RM9.00
Stir-fried Lettuce RM9.00
Chicken cooked in sugar and vinegar sauce RM11.00
In Chinese cuisine, Tong Chou which could be loosely translated as Sugar-Vinegar, is a type of sauce which tasted sweet and sourish, commonly used to cooked with deep-fried meat. In this case, the chicken was deep-fried to perfection and coated with the caramelized sugar and vinegar sauce.  
Total Paid for dinner, RM48.20
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