OM Burger Stall @ Ampang Jaya

To be honest, I’m not a fan of supper. I usually try to avoid eating past 10pm at night since the metabolism rate is slowest after that and whatever that goes into the body will stay in, if you know what I mean. Still, during the occasional event or two, the glutton in me says otherwise, and I would be indulging in (usually) sinful and unhealthy food way past my supper time. Yesterday was one of the night. Our good friend Ken brought us to the famous OM Burger at Ampang Jaya, with the promise of the Best Street Burger in Klang Valley. How could we say no?

OM Burger (in front of 7-11)
Lorong Kolam Air Lama, Ampang Jaya,
68000 Selangor, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 8pm – 11.30pm
GPS Coordinates: 3.160677,101.758665
Located just in front of a brightly-lit 7-11 shop, this burger stall has been around for more than 20 years, operated by an Uncle only during the hours of the night. The first thing I noticed once I reached was the thick slab of butter he used on the frying pan, which was already drenched in oil as it was. Thick pieces of beef and chicken patties were completely soaked inside the boiling oil, emitting that unmistakable aroma that caused even the most disciplined eater to go weak at the knees.

Even though the menu seemed pretty extensive, most of the patrons only ordered either the Chicken or Beef Special, obviously their signature. We followed suit and ordered a Beef Special, coated with cheese and egg.
The wait for our burger was at least 20 minutes, with constant patrons coming and going ordering the specials. During our wait, I couldn’t help but observe how the uncle worked, churning our burgers after burgers like clockwork. The patties were thicker than most of the street burgers that I’ve even before, and they’re left to fry in oil until golden brown and crispy while he prepared the fried egg and cheese that would wrap around the patty.
When orders piled up, the uncle would make several burgers all at once. This is where you would see him breaking out several eggs on the tray of oil, spreading them out and then placing the necessary cheese slices and burger patties on top. After drizzling them with some chilli sauce, he wrapped (loosely speaking) the patty and cheese up with the fried egg. Well I used the term ‘loosely speaking’ above because, to be honest, his wrapping skill was bad. Just look at the final product below, where he haphazardly wrapped the fried egg on top of the burger, with big holes here and there. Not a nice sight to behold for sure, but we didn’t come here for a pretty burger, we came for a delicious burger.

Beef Burger Special, RM4.00
Some people like to pack their burgers home, saying that the juices and the oil would be absorbed by the burger buns along the way, making it all the more delicious. But for a first-timer like me, I’d like to eat it once it’s served, just to savour its piping hot goodness. I took a bite into the burger and was immediately sent to burger heaven. The beef patty was thick and juicy, had crispy edges and was bursting with flavour. The mayonnaise, cheese and chilli sauce made the combination deadly and addictive, making your face and fingers dirty for a darn good reason. Oh, and it was definitely worth breaking my rule of no food after 10pm!


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