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Kedai Makanan Islamic Restoran @ Centre Point

Angeline Thursday, July 7, 2011 , , , ,

Looking for a less greasy and delicious Murtabak? Try Kedai Makanan Islamic Restoran at Centre Point. Signature dish being Nasi Briyani and Mee Goreng, the restaurant also serves a variety of delicious dishes.

Kedai Makan Islamic Restoran
Location: Lower Ground Floor, next to Maybank
Crowded most of the times
Drinks, RM4.00
Murtabak, RM4.50
The Murtabak Ayam is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread which includes chicken, along with garlic, egg and onion, and is eaten with curry sauce. It was deliciously flavoured on its own, even without any dipping sauce. Moreover, the thick and ingredients loaded Murtabak doesn't tasted greasy at all.
Roti Cobra, RM4.50
Roti Cobra consist of a Roti Canai, topped with sunny side-up, served with curry chicken and long beans. A complete meal with delicious taste.
Total paid, RM13.00

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