Kedai Kopi Kapin @ Inanam

Simple dishes, resembled home-cooked food with awesome flavours, Kedai Kopi Kapin is one of the Inanam's residents favourite place. The restaurant is closed on every Tuesday.

Kedai Kopi Kapin
Lot 14 Jalan Kiansom Inanam
2 x Soup of the day: ABC Fu Chuk Soup, RM2.00
If you have no idea on what soup to order, worry not. You can always ask for the soup of the day which only cost RM1.00 per bowl.
Pickled Radish Omelete, RM5.00
Pickled Radish Omelet is often a home-cooked dish which my family love so much. Spongy-like omelet with savoury-sweet pickled radish, the combination of flavour is awesome and goes really well with rice.
Bittergourd sauteed with blackbean, RM5.00
I always like more greens to be included in my meal. The Bittergourd and Choy Sum are the 'green' dishes for today.
Stir-fried Choy Sum, RM5.00
Pan-fried whole fish with dark soy sauce, RM10
A recommended dish if you happen to be at Kedai Kopi Kapin. The Pan-fried fish with dark soy sauce is my all-time-favourite. Crispy and savoury fish topped with sweet dark soy sauce and fragrant fried garlic. You'll need an extra bowl of rice to go with these diah.
Total Paid = RM31.00 (including Drinks, RM2.00 and 2 x steamed rice, RM2.00)


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