Kedai Kopi Kam Kee @ Beverly

Wor Tip is pan-fried jiaozi, also known as potstickers in North America, or yaki-gyoza in Japan. They are a Northern Chinese style dumpling popular as a street food, appetizer, or side order in Chinese.

Kedai Kopi Kam Kee
Location: Corner shop, in front of Beverly's apartment
Wor Tip RM6.00
The filling for Wor Tip is usually minced pork. Wor Tip are shallow-fried in a wok. A small quantity of water is added and the wok is covered. While the base of the dumplings is fried, the upper part is steamed and this gives a texture contrast typical of Chinese cuisine.
Fried Noodle
Savour with wok, the noodle was flavoursome and tasty. Simple ingredients included cabbage, chicken, onion, bean sprouts and egg were used to fried the noodle.
Stir-fried Local Vegetables with Egg
Singapore Fried Meehoon
Rice vermicelli stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts, chicken, onion and chili, seasoned with curry powder, salt and sugar. Mild curry flavour, savoury with a hint of sweetness, the Singapore Meehoon is simply good.
Wat Tan Ho with Seafood
Fragrantly good Wat Tan Ho with delicious egg's gravy.

Total Paid = RM26.00 (Noodles + Stir-fried Vegetables + Drinks)


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