Diet Guru Food Rules

Henri Chenot the diet guru for the super rich, you have to pay the price tag of RM19,000 for a week clinics visit. His up market Merano clinic located at southern Tyrol in Italy or spas around the world...namely, Crete, Kenya, Italy or Moscow. Chenot believes that the best way to get a younger and better body is to ensure that the organism's energy is properly balance (chinese called it 'Qi').
Chenot's Food Rules
coffee cup
Drink 2 cups pf very strong coffee daily followed by a glass of water each time. Caffeine relieves headaches, stimulates the brain, is an appetite suppressant, lower the risk of heart attacks linked to diabetes, help digestion (if you don't have gastric problems) and accelerates toxin elimination.
Carbohydrates do not make you fat. It is imperative to favour the whole versions of carbohydrates (vegetables, fruit, grain and pulses), which contain essential dietry fibre and avoid products made from wheat flour (bread, biscuits, cakes, tarts, pizza, pastries).
Never eat after 8pm. Eat before this time as digestion will be quick and the liver will be able to devote itself to its overnight job of cleansing toxins. Sleep quality will also be improved.
Fruit should be eaten only before noon. If you must eat fruit in the afternoon, make sure that it's at the beginning of a meal. Do not eat more than three pieces of fruit a day.
Take magnesium. Stress and hyperactivity are big consumers of magnesium, which is essential to the nervous system. Taking it as a supplement is a priority in cases of brain fatigue, failing memory, serious cramps and emotional shock. Take it regularly in varying amounts, from 500mg to 1,000mg a day, depending on your needs and preferably during meal.
Don't exercise too much. Over-exercising can lead to joint problems and premature ageing. But anyone who doesn't do any exercise at all should think seriously about becoming more physically active: 1 hour a day of fast walking, going up and down the stairs, playing golf or for the more active, an hour of cycling, swimming or exercise classes two to three times a week.

Limit red meat. The breakdown of animal proteins in the colon produces numerous metabolites (the by products of metabolism), some of which are particularly toxic. With prolonged exposure to meatabolites, the body can suffer carcinogenic effects. Keep a close eye on your portions of read meat, without totally excludinng them. Don't have it in every meal or everyday, just two or three times a week and only in a small quantities.

Sleep with your head facing East. According to Feng Shui, face east and you soak up some of the energy of the rising sun. Poor positioning of the bed, a bedroom that is too warm, or synthetic curtains and carpets can effect the quality of sleep, as can exposure to light or draughts, since these create harmful magnetic fields. The best time to sleep is between 8pm and 4am. No one needs eight hours of sleep, so you can go to bed later than 8pm, but make sure that you sleep only between this hours. Sleeping pills should be avoided.

Add cider vinegar to your water intake. Our average requirement of water is about 1.5 litre a day (including other drinks, tea, fruit or vegetable juice), so add one soup spoon of cider vinegar for every 1.5 litre of water to help flush out the toxins or the juice of half a lemon, which to stabilise the blood pH level. The sensation of thirst diminishes with age, so you need to be aware of this. Make sure that you drink the full amount.

If you have rich supper, eat only cabbage soup the next day. Too much on your dinner plate means you must take action the very next day. Make vegetable soup with 50 percent green cabbage mixed with onion, leek, carrot, a head of garlic and shitake mushroom, which have a purgative effect. Or drink a litre of stock during the day, then take a few drops of lemon juice, hot or clod. You can eat 80g of wholegrain rice. This will help to flush out your system and clean out the intestine.


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