Austin Chase @ The Gardens

Can’t believe it’s Sunday already! Weekend just seem to have flown by, as always. Today’s post is going to be a short one, before I head out for breakfast! What would you say to a breakfast of baked beans, crispy hash browns and toasted bread topped with salmon and scrambled eggs? Just the image alone is giving me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Austin Chase is one such cafe that offers hearty breakfast sets without burning a hole in your pocket, and best of all, they’re available all day long! Now, who says we can’t have breakfast in the afternoon?

Austin Chase @ The Gardens 
Lot S-208A, Second Floor, The Gardens,
Midvalley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-2282 0512   Fax: +603-2164 5002
Facebook page: Austin Chase

All-day breakfast sets at Austin Chase
It was around 11am on a weekend, when Saucer and I were in the Gardens deciding what to have for brunch. We were not extremely hungry, so the sight of the breakfast sets at Austin Chase caught our attention. They have a choice of 6 sets, with prices ranging from RM6.90 to RM10.90, inclusive of a mug of brewed coffee.
Austin Chase Latte (upgrade at RM3)
If you’re not keen on regular brews, there’s even an option to upgrade it with a minimal fee of RM3 to a latte, RM4.50 for flavoured coffee or RM5 for a frappe. If you total up the price of the breakfast set with the upgrade fee, it amounts to the a la carte price of the coffee itself. Which means that the food is, in other words, free!
Set 6 – Salmon with Baked Beans and Hash Brown (RM10.90)
We tried the Set 6 - Salmon with Baked Bean and Hash Brown. The set came with 2 pieces of golden hash browns, toasts topped with salmon and scrambled eggs, and a side of baked beans. I must say that I love the hash browns tremendously! They’re not overly oily, had a crispy outer layer and gloriously soft insides – simply decadent. Even Saucer who’s extra careful with oily food couldn’t stop himself from taking a bite, a few bites actually. The salmon and scrambled eggs were fluffy and savoury, spread generously on toasted brown bread. Combine that with the baked beans, you basically have a complete balanced meal!
Set 4 – Scrambled Eggs and Hash Brown (RM10.90)
We love the hash browns so much that our second set was a combination of Scrambled Eggs and Hash Browns – a generous portion that turned out to be more filling that it looked.
Apart from the all-day breakfast (some people don’t wake up at 8am during the weekends, you know ), what I love most about Austin Chase is their comfortable dining environment, with plenty of couches and power points. One could sit here and relax while surfing the net with their complimentary Wi-fi, or just chill out with a book. The soft-playing music and the less-than-crowded environment make it more than conducive! Oh, did I mention that they have some board games too? We spotted Jenga and Taboo, among others. Perfect for a group outing. Writing this post has indeed stirred up my hungers and my cravings for scrambled eggs. Thank goodness there are eggs in the fridge. Have a happy Sunday people!


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