Tai Chow @ Oversea United Garden

This is a place that I'll never get bored of their food, my family love it, it suit our tastebud and the people from this neighbourhood. Be prepared for a bit of waiting time if you're dining here during weekend but for sure not long, there are many cooks here.

Tai Chow @ Tmn OUG (Sorry, this restaurant has no signboard)
Location: turn left in from the traffic light before Pearl Point Hotel, go straight, corner shop restaurant on your right hand side.
Don't trust me but trust the crowds
Asam Steamed Tilapia, RM26.00
I don't mind having this dish everyday, I like the sourish, spicy and sweet taste gravy, just a good match with the tilapia fish.
Deep-fried Seafood Tofu, RM8.00
Crispy, fresh mixed seafood with beancurd....delicious!
Deep-fried Pumpkin coated with salted egg, RM10.00
This tasted really special, I never know pumpkin can go so well with salted egg. It carries a sweet, crispy, salty flavour and aromatic egg yolk.
Spinach cooked in superior soup, RM10.00
Simply healthy with some soup to kill thirst
Pork Ribs, RM14.00
This is a highly recommended dish, you can hardly see any table don't have this dish. Deep-fried but tasted like Char-grilled, caramalised pork, tender and juicy.


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