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Karamel Almondo @ 1 Borneo

Angeline Monday, May 9, 2011 , , ,

For a healthier version of ice cream, you can always opt for Karamell Almondo. The smooth and creamy ice cream was home-made with less sweet.

Karamell Almondo @ Palm Square P59,
4th floor, palm square, centre point.
1030 - 0930

Karamell Almondo @ Megalong KG03A,
ground floor, megalong commercial centre.
1030 - 0930

Karamell Almondo @ 1Borneo G707B,
ground floor, 1borneo hypermall.
1100 - 0930

Contact: 0168462233/0168474484

Summer Cone RM2.30
Summer Cone is only cost RM2.30. Consists of nice Vanilla flavour, the ice cream was creamy and nice.


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