Yoga Posture Assessment - Monica's Yoga Class @ CORE FITNESS

You are never too old to begin a yoga practice. In India, 50 years of age is considered an optimum time to begin a yoga practice, signifying a new and more informed stage of life. Whatever your age or level of fitness, you can practice yoga!

A day before I left, flying off to KL. I decided to do some photo shooting at my sister "Monica Yoga Class", with the purposed of Yoga Posture Correction/ Assessment. It's definitely easier for her students to understand and correct themselves if they can see what they're doing, I'm not wrong....turns out a better improvement in techniques

MH2605 - Dining in Flight....light meal

Drink: Orange juice

Dessert, fruits and juice

Fried Meehoon with Curry Chicken
2hrs 15minutes flight KKIA to KLIA
Follow my food journeys in KL and coming up soon......
Wedding Photos of Monica n Jack (Photographer: (me) Angeline Ong and Habe Woon)
Yoga class conducted by Monica Ong (Photographed by Angeline Ong)

Finding the right yoga practice is the most important aspect of beginning a yoga practice. If you have never practiced yoga or have had an injury or are just a bit out of shape, you want to be sure you look for a gentle or beginner yoga class. I strongly recommend that all people start with a beginner's class, regardless of their fitness level, where you learn the basic poses that are the foundation of your yoga practice. You don't start reading a book in the middle, which would be similar to starting a yoga practice with an intermediate or advanced class. You need to start at the beginning and work your way up to the more advanced levels. This gives your body and your mind time to accommodate the poses and internalize them as well.

Yoga Class conducted by Monica Ong @ Core Fitness
Sun Salutation: Posture Assessment
Correct technique for Backward and Forward Bending

Join Monica's Yoga classes at CORE FITNESS, available for more info

(Photos from Core Fitness Facebook Page)

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S-1- 5, 1st Floor, Block B,
City Mall, Jalan Lintas,
Kota Kinabalu, 88300 Sabah, Malaysia.
Telephone:088 448119
Fax: 088 448109



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