Restoran Teo Chew Moi @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

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Good old Puchong has never failed to impress, or in some cases, surprise me. One of the latest addition to the family of ever-growing Chinese restaurants in the area is Teo Chew Moi, which means Teo Chew porridge in Teo Chew dialect. We were hunting for dinner one night and the spread of dishes laid at the entrance of the restaurant was just too hard to ignore. The amount of dishes available was massive – ranging from meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, eggs, beancurd, soup or even otak-otak. Plenty!

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Restoran Teo Chew Moi
No. 18, Jalan Puteri 2/4,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
el No: +603-8063 5541
GPS Coordinates: 3.022162,101.615914
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Since it was our first time there, we were at a loss and wondered what to do. Should we order at the table or should we order at the counter? We went ahead and chose a table first, before a nice waiter came over and informed us that we should order our dishes at the counter.
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Without further ado, we treated ourselves to the eye candy in front of us, having a hard time choosing what we wanted because they all looked so good! Even with just the two of us, we eventually settled with, wait for it – six dishes!
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After making our choices, we went back to our seats while they reheated our dishes before serving. Yes, unlike the normal economy dishes restaurant, they actually reheated our dishes upon order, a nice touch of service, I’d say.
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Otak-Otak (RM10)
Teo Chew Moi-11
Stir-Fried French Beans (RM4)
The Stir-Fried French Beans was not bad, except for being a tad oily. It was savoury and flavourful, and most importantly, delicious!

Teo Chew Moi-7
Kiam Chai Boey / Stew Salted Vegetables (RM4)
My favourite vegetable of the lot was the Kiam Chai Boey or Stew Salted Vegetables. This is a traditional Chinese dish made from leftovers and salted vegetables, making it extremely potent in flavour. The sour and spicy vegetables definitely left me craving for more!
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Braised Mushrooms (RM6)
Teo Chew Moi-9
Braised Mui Choy with Pork Belly (RM4)
Mui Choy, or preserved mustard cabbage, is one of my all-time favourite vegetables growing up. I remember asking my grandmother to cook it every other day because this savoury vegetables goes very well with white rice. Fast forward 20 (or more) years later, I still have the indescribable affection towards this dish, and I’m glad to know that Saucer loves it too!
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