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Restoran Salim @ Lintas

Monica Wednesday, April 20, 2011 , , ,

Restoran Salim had gone through a refurbishment recently, mainly to offers a more comfortable environment for its customers to dine-in.

Restoran Salim
Location: Opposite Orange Store, near Yen Ai

Pre-pack Mee Hoon
The Pre-pack Mee Hoon are placed on every tables for the conveniency of its customers. It is a simple savoury fried Mee Hoon topped with sweet-spicy Sambal.
Maggi Goreng Kosong + Telur Mata Lembu
Malaysian's favourite pick in a Mamak, Maggi Goreng Kosong with an add-on of Sunny side-up, simple taste which filled with Malaysian authentic flavour.
Roti Kosong
Is a sin not to order a Roti Kosong in a Mamak. The flatbread was pan-fried till crispy on the outer layer. Tasted good with curry sauce or Dhaal.
Roti Telur
With an additional of egg, the flatbread tasted more fragrant and filling with a spongy texture. Nice.
Total Paid = RM9.80 (including Teh-O and Water)
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