Inanam Restaurant and Cafe @ Inanam

The idea of bringing your own fresh seafood to cook in a restaurant is very common in KK There are some restaurateurs which cater for such service with a reasonable charges and one of it is Inanam Restaurant and Cafe in Inanam.

Inanam Restaurant and Cafe
Location: Opposite Restoran Juara
Marble Goby Fish (Soon Hock) in Sweet and Sour Sauce
Marble Goby Fish or more well-known as Soon Hock in Chinese, is a type of fresh water fish. The element that make the fish so special is its flesh which is smooth and flaky. 

The frozen Soon Hock Fish is best to be deep-fry and masked by strong flavours sauce while the fresh fish is best to be steam and lightly seasoned with sauce.
At Inanam Restaurant and Cafe, the chef prepared the frozen fish by lightly coated it with batter and bring to deep-fry. Then, it was topped with sweet-sourish sauce cooked with onion, capsicum, tomato and ketchup. The skin and the fin of the fish was crispy while the flesh was still juicy and tasty.
Steamed Fish
The Steamed Fish was lightly seasoned with superior sauce to maintain the succulent taste of the fish. The freshness of the fish is what made the fish tasted so good.
Cauliflower with Beancurd Skin and Mushroom
Stir-fry Baby Kailan
Total Paid = RM60 (Service charge for cooking and 2 X Vegetable Dishes + 4 X Rice) 


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