Hong Kong Restaurant @ Lintas

Hong Kong Restaurant is a restaurant which is famous for its seafood. Well, fresh ingredients also depends much on its accompaniments. In Hong Kong Restaurant, the chef done it well with different styles of cooking as well as sauces.

Hong Kong Restaurant
Location: Corner Shop, behind Masarap, same row with Thai Pub
Black Pepper Ostrich, RM15
The Ostrich meat had a more tender and smooth texture compared to pork. However, in order to overcome the gamey taste of the meat, it require a strong flavour sauce as condiment. Perfectly, it goes well with the savoury-hot black pepper sauce.
Assam Fish Fillet, RM15
Fresh fish fillet cooked with watery but flavourful sweet, sourish and spicy Assam sauce. Delicious and goes well with rice.
Fried Omelette with Crab roe, RM12
Instead of the normal Omelette with Char Siu, in Hong Kong Restaurant you can opt for the Omelette with Crab Roe. The combination of the succulent taste of crab roe and egg was really tasty. Not an ordinary dish you can get elsewhere.
Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaf, RM10


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