Golden Seafood Restaurant @ Tanjung Aru

Easy to access by both locals and tourists, Golden Seafood Restaurant located at Tanjung Aru serves quality fresh seafood. From lobster, crab, prawn to shellfish and fish, you can easily find it in the restaurant.

Golden Seafood Restaurant
Off Jalan Mat Salleh, Tanjung Aru
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-215555
Huge dining area
Live Seafood
Titbits, RM5.00
Sashimi and Steamed Lobster with Superior Soup, RM152.00 ( 8 x RM19.00 per 100gm)
Experienced a gastronomic adventure while having the fresh Sashimi Lobster. Succulent meat with refreshing taste, even without the existing of heavy flavour sauce, the lobster tasted good.
Steamed Lobster with Superior Soup
The remaining lobster shell and meats was used to cooked with superior soup. The delicious taste of the lobster was simply irresistible. Tasty till the last bit of flesh.
Thai Style Steamed Tilapia, RM28.00
Tilapia fish always require a heavy flavour sauce to over-power its muddy taste. The Thai sauce which tasted spicy and sourish with a hint of sweetness is a good way to complement the fish.
Stir-Fried Choy Sum, RM15.00
Claypot Seafood Beaancurd, RM15.00
My favourite dish, homemade beancurd cooked with assorted vegetables and fresh seafood served in a claypot. A savoury dish which combine the succulent taste of fresh seafood and sweetness of vegetables as well as soy bean rich's beancurd.
Total paid for dinner, RM239.30


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