Texas Restaurant & Bar @ Segama

Located next to its rival, Upperstar, Texas Restaurant and Bar also offers cheap beers, Western and Asian cuisine.

Texas Restaurant and Bar
Lot 8, Block D, Segama Komplek
Jalan Labuk, 88000 Kota Kinabalu
Ice Lemon Tea, RM3.50 and Root Beer, RM3.50
Texas Caesar Salad, RM8.80
This light and refreshing plate of Texas Caesar Salad consisted of fresh lettuces, tomato cubes, olive slices, egg wedges, croutons and shredded ham. 
Fresh Coleslaw, RM4.80
Four scoops of fresh coleslaw which tasted creamy with mayonnaise flavour only cost RM4.80. 
Texas Grilled Chicken, RM15.80
Well-marinated and grilled to perfection with a little charred, the Texas Grilled Chicken tasted sweet and delicious with tender and juicy meat. Served with corn, coleslaw, fries and an option of black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce.
Treasury Chicken, RM18.80
The chicken thigh was wrapped with ham and sausage, coated with bread crumbs and bring to fry. It was crispy yet doesn't tasted greasy. Flavourful on its own, the dipping sauce could be set aside. 
Total paid for dinner, RM64.05


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