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Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant @ Sunway

Angeline Sunday, February 6, 2011 , ,
Tasty Pot-20

Some people call it “Steamboat”, some call it “Hot Pot”, and some even call it “Chinese Fondue”. No matter which term is used, Steamboat is affectionately known as “Da Pin Lou” in Cantonese, and is a well-loved activity among a group of friends or family. Usually eaten during the night when the weather is cooler, steamboat is easy to make since only raw ingredients need to be prepared with little or no work beforehand. The most important item is a metal pot filled with soup of your liking, placed at the centre of the table. The pot of soup is then placed on top of burning flame and food is then slowly but surely cooked on the spot.

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Tasty Pot BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant
No. 9, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax : +603-5630 1282
Operating Hours : Daily from 12:00pm to 1:00am
GPS Coordinates: N3 04.635, E101 36.793
Tasty Pot-2
Metal pot filled with soup on top of burning flame = Steamboat
This activity is loved by many because it can be whipped up on the spot, even at home. Sometimes, when the weather is cold, we would bring out the rice cooker, fill it with water, add in some chicken stock and allow to boil. Then we would put in whatever we can find from the fridge into the simmering pot – be it fish balls, crab sticks, sausages, vegetables or even instant noodles! It’s the perfect comfort food, I kid you not.
Tasty Pot-3
Ladles for the soup
Of course, when the group is bigger and there’s not enough ingredients on hand, or you don’t feel like smoking the dining area, you can always opt for all-you-can-eat steamboat buffet that is widely available around the Klang Valley. Just like we did. The group of 5 of us visited Tasty Pot Steamboat at Dataran Mentari Sunway over dinner, to stuff ourselves silly with their steamboat buffet. There were about 6 choices of soup but we picked the Soya Bean Curry and Chinese Herbal variety.
Tasty Pot-8
Curry and Herbal Chicken soup
The variety of raw ingredients was pretty extensive. There were all sorts of balls – fish balls, meat balls, fish balls with fillings, crab sticks, fu chuk, beancurd with fish paste and so on.
Tasty Pot-7
All types of balls
While waiting for the raw ingredients to be cooked, we also picked out a few pieces of Chicken Wings in sesame sauce. They were well-marinated and quite nice actually.
Tasty Pot-6
Chicken Wings in Sesame sauce
Tasty Pot-14
More balls
Tasty Pot-15
Lotus root, black fungus, vermicelli noodles
There was also a section of seafood – prawns, squids, clams, mussels – which I mostly use to flavour the soup.
Tasty Pot-17
Selection of seafood
Tasty Pot-16
Vegetables will make you healthy
Tasty Pot-10
Our first plate
The fun thing about eating in buffet is that we get to walk around and explore the choices of food available, while picking out those that we like. There’s no need to please anyone because everyone gets to pick their own favourites, as much as they want. All we need to do then is just to place the ingredients into the simmering soup and watch them boil.
Tasty Pot-18
Simmering pot of steamboat
I enjoyed the curry soup, although it became quite ‘heavy’ to stomach after a while. It was flavourful and fragrant, but it became a little overwhelming when you’ve had too much of it. I guess I would stick to my choice of Tom Yam next time, for it’s lighter and the sourish soup does open up the appetite.
Tasty Pot-4
BBQ Crabs at work

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