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Serai @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Angeline Monday, February 21, 2011 , , ,

Mum and I went to Empire Shopping Center for the very first time for lunch today, have a sumptuous lunch and indulging ourself with some homemade sweet dessert. (Contributed by CarelessLittleHamster)

Contributed by Su Ting or CarelessLittleHamster

LG37, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-56370706
 The owners of Serai
Qistina and her husband, Najib
Minted Calamansi Soda (RM8.5)
Serai Iced Tea (RM10.5)
It’s actually pretty addictive. But there’s so many things in the drink, there isn’t much liquid in it
Serai Tasting Platter (RM30)
6 sticks of satay (Beef, lamb or chicken), fried squid and make-it-yourself bruschetta.
Deep Fried Crispy Brinjal with Serai Spice (Regular: RM13 , Large: RM21) For someone like me, who hates brinjal (Yes, seriously), this is actually good. Like, REALLY good. Not much of the mushy, slimy gross taste of the brinjal either!
Mango Chicken (Regular: RM20 , Large: RM30)
It tasted and looked like fish. And soaking it in the sauce makes it pretty spicy. Be careful there.
Crispy Skinned Salmon (RM35)
Served with potato cakes, sautéed asparagus spears and crisp bread with roasted capsicum dip.
Nasi Kerabu (RM20)
Rice served with ayam percik, salted egg, ulam, solok lada and keropok ikan. They use the real morning glory flowers to colour the rice too!
Sang Har Yin Yong (RM19)
Kuey teow and crispy mee hoon served in egg broth, complemented with fresh water prawns and vegetables.
Steamed fish in lime sauce (Market Price)
This is really really good. Although, it’s really spicy due to the chilli. It’s a very Thai dish. Sour and Spicy.
Pavlova (One of their selected cakes of the day) Home baked. You can taste the lovee. (:
Home baked too! Yummy. The red one’s raspberry, the yellow’s salted egg (It’s good, try it before you criticsize it.), white one’s pine nuts, and the purple’s wildberries.
Contributed by Su Ting or CarelessLittleHamster
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