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Private Yoga @ Shangri-La Rasa Ria and Dinner @ Sala Thai Restaurant

Angeline Tuesday, February 22, 2011 , , , ,

Located at Jalan Salut, known as KKIP Business Center, there are quite a few eateries offering the most authentic Malay cuisine and fusion Thai cuisine.

From 12th of February till 15th of February, Angeline and I had been hired for a private yoga session at Rasa Ria, Shangri-la. Practicing yoga by the beach with the beautiful scenery while enjoying the brisk air from the sea, you could have imagine how great it may feel.

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After we conducted the Private Yoga session.....head to Sala Thai Restaurant for good dinner

Sala Thai Restaurant
Location: Jalan Salut, KKIP Business Center (Salut Business Center)
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
On our way back from Rasa Ria, passing-by the shop lots at KKIP Business Center, Sala Thai Restaurant is one of the easily noticeable restaurant with comfortable ambiance.
Grilled Chicken Wing and Satay Stall
Syrup Iced and Bandung Iced
Grilled Chicken Wing (5 pieces) RM6.50
Cheaper price compared to the price charged in KK town, the Grilled Chicken Wing tasted twice as good as those in the town. Sweet and aromatic with tender meat, the chicken wing contained minimum char-grilled part while it was grilled to perfection.
Tom Yam Chicken RM8.00
Cooked with chicken meat, lemongrass, tomato and  onion, the Tom Yam tasted sourish and spicy. It was delicious, fragrant and appetizing.
Sweet and Sour Egg RM5.00
Omelete topped with sweet and sour sauce which was cooked with capsicum, onion, tomato, pineapple and cucumber, the Omelet was tasty. A mouth watering dish that goes well with rice.
Beef cooked in Red SauceRM8.00
Masak Merah (cooked in Red Sauce) is one of the authentic way of Malay's cooking. The sweet and spicy sauce just goes well with any meats; chicken, squid, prawn or beef. With tender beef slices, capsicum, lettuce, onion and chili, the dish tasted good with rice.
Beef Kerabu RM8.00
Mixed with sourish and spicy vegetables, the Beef tasted appetizingly good. Indeed, it is another unexpectedly delicious dish.
Stir-fry Baby Kailan with Soy Sauce RM8.00
Satay RM0.50 per stick
With nice marination, the both the Chicken Satay and Beef Satay tasted great. Fragrant with lemongrass, the Satay was grilled to perfection.
Total Paid = RM57.50
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maslight said...

I've been curious about Sala Thai. Thanks for this post, there's another branch opposite KK Times Square rite?

Angeline said...

Maslight, really. Thanks for the info, we didn't notice it has opened a branck at Harbour City. Wanna go there together?

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