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Mario Pizza @ 1Borneo

Monica Thursday, February 3, 2011 , ,

Mario's Pizza in 1 Borneo Hyper Mall is one of the stalls that has been around since this biggest mall in Sabah opened nearly 3 years ago. I love the red, green and white theme of the stall (tribute to the Italian Flag, being the origin of the pie we all love).

They serve square pizza compared to circular ones, which I assumes trace back to the sicilian origin. It is important to note that the inch thick dough is also of Sicily (or Palermo) locality.
Selection of Pizzas
I chose the double cheese pizza. It had sufficient spices which after being reheated, released enough aroma. There was also lots of cheese, but it wasn't warm enough to melt it all the way. There was also not enough sauce base..but i think this is because most customers eat them on the go, so if there were lots of sauce then it will be slightly messy.

Nonetheless, I feel that its reasonable pricing is its winning formula, as it is slightly cheaper than most of the other fast food outlet. 
Bubble tea from next Stall courtesy of Stanley Tan
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