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Jin Yue Xuan Restaurant @ Zhu Hai

Cassie Sunday, February 27, 2011 , , ,

Zhuhai is known for its beautiful long coastline, waving palm trees, open spaces, low population density, and its many islands; Zhuhai's nicknames are the city for lovers and the city of a hundred islands.

Jin Yue Xuan Restaurant,
1-3 Floor B
265 Ri Hua Commercial Square,
Lover's Lane South,
Gong Bei, Zhuhai.
Nian Gao
Pricing for the Dim Sum at Zhu Hai is about 30% lower than the Dim Sum price at Macau. Hence, if you're planning for a trip to Macau, don't miss out the opportunity to visit its border, Zhu Hai.
Steamed Pork Ribs
HK Cheong Fun
Savoury Carrot Cake
Soup Dumpling and Steamed Dumpling
Char Siu Bao
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