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I-City @ Klang and Neway @ Subang

$ronco$ Thursday, February 24, 2011 , , ,

Met up with a bunch of old friends from my days studying in KL. They were kind enough to go out of their way to bring me to a talk of the town, glittering city, dubbed i-city.

 It is located at Section 7, adjacent to the Sungai Rasau Klang toll plaza. Entry fee is RM10 per vehicle, although I'm not sure if charges commensurate with size of vehicle. 
It was indeed a beautiful scenery, with LED lights fixed atop faux trees gracing the fine evening weather. Pic on top from left to right is Cevin, Stephen and Rose.
Although there were not many shoplots opened yet, save for handful cafes, convenience store etc, you will however, find shops selling LED light devices or toys, just so that you can blend in with the colourful lights of i-city 
I'm not entirely sure what this place in the preceding pic is for, however it does give you an impression of being in icy cold place. However, 1 cool factor about it is that you can see yourself in a biggass screen ala webcam style
From left to right Rose, ronco, Stephen and at edge of screen is Cevin
In a tropical climate country where its citizen is deprived of winter experience, one can fork out RM25 a pop to live out those chilly experiences as what fellow homo-sapiens go through at the far northern hemisphere of the globe. However we only stayed at the reception of this artificial winter wonderland, not wanting to risk our health since it was very warm outside (sudden change in extreme climate may induce illness for some, including ronco)
We decided that money well spent would instead be at i-city's arcadia of video games and fun fairs.
Stephen and Cevin displaying manliness on clutch and gas pedal alternate reality.
After feasting our eyes on LED light glitterato, we proceed to fill our empty stomach with food combined with karaoke madness. Our destination, Neway Karaoke box at Jaya square, subang.
Much has changed in Subang since I first studied here almost a decade ago, and this is one of the newer landmarks that was previously not present.
Buffet spread
Sushi bar
reception area
Vegetarian delight
Spicy crab
sausage and fishball on sticks
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